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    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    Madame Serena seems more like an alchemist then a witch. Most of what she does is transmutation and not actual magic. Also watching this film as adult. It seems like a propaganda films to reinforce heteronormative stereotypes.
  2. Username Smith

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Hi, I just want to point out that the actresses that plays the sorceress also plays courteney cox's Mother on FRIENDS. What does this have to to with the movie? Nothing really, which is what the film Masters Of the Universe has to do with the actual He-Man lore. Also I think if you just assume that Gwildor has alzheimer's dementia every thing he does make sense. This is one of my favorite episode of H.D.T.G.M. to date!! I was both entertained and frustrated that the lack of HE-Man knowledge. was totally yelling out at the podcast!
  3. Username Smith

    Episode 25 — Existentialism

    I think your love hate interactions with Arron the intern are Awsome! It kinda seems like there's something going on behinde the scenses
  4. Username Smith

    HoTTT pott of coffeee!

    yeah that's it really HoTTT pott of coffeee!