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    Episode 21 — I Know Who Killed Me

    -- This movie was filmed right in the middle of Lohan's shame spiral, and it provides a decent laugh as a result. The scene where they showed her prosthetic leg propped up while attached to a wall charger is revealing. If her SCRAM bracelet was attached to that leg it would explain LiLo's ability to repeatedly get loose and incur more DUI accidents. -- I thought it was an ill-advised idea for the stadium announcer to declare they were playing that night's game in honor of the recently deceased young girl. Suppose for a moment that the killer was a booster of the team; since they won that game he would be likely inspired to then go ahead and continue killing girls in order for them to have a perfect season. -- The big reveal of DAD having bought two twins to replace his stillborn child is as asinine as it gets. (Where is this hospital that allows for instant crack-whore adoptions in the neonatal ward?!) I found it hilarious when Dakota arrives he needs to keep silent and play it off that she is Aubrey. So then, he is a skinflint who pays off the mother with a $11 monthly stipend, but he has no problem dropping thousands to have a skank outfitted with state-of-the-art fake limbs.