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  1. sheeshkabob

    Episode 161 - Ryan Stanger, Our Close Friend

    Argh! Paly stole the Marky Twain story. Can't believe that.
  2. The food reviews made no sense. Was hoping for more scores on the rock sticks bugs and dogs scale.
  3. The more softly spoken the eh wrong, the mightier the storm...so strong it broke Sean's character!
  4. sheeshkabob

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    Beautiful ep. Like more ants q&a made me laugh-cry.
  5. It's been bugging me that I haven't posted to say how great this ep was. Joe Wengert delivers every dang time. There. I hope I can move on now.
  6. That's what I'm sayin'. Throw the newcomers into the deep end. Sink or swim, baby.
  7. This ep = my bean blown. New contender for best HH ep to start with?
  8. sheeshkabob

    EPISODE 373 β€” Vocal Fry

    The only ep that can knock a Brendon Small ep from #1 to 2 is a new Brendon Small ep.
  9. Don't worry. Flibanserin, baby! Female hardons are saved. Edit: And in the meantime, we can always go with the happy meal option. (Thank you, second listen.)
  10. Hello! Glad to bump into you again, esp in the forums for my favorite podcast.
  11. I have β™ͺso much loveβ™ͺ for this teazer freezer. Also, I called my mom and played her the best song she ever heard. When she answered, I started beating the mouthpiece against the kitchen table. And points cause I remembered science and kept it under 128 bpm so her heart wouldn't die.
  12. A few weeks ago I started going to a new yoga teacher, and after a couple of classes I noticed she says "half" so that it rhymes with "loff" as in "Stretch up hoffway." It took a lot of self-control not to loff out aloud.
  13. sheeshkabob

    Episode 260 β€” Tiny Cheeseburger Story

    Small was awesome: I had to listen twice! My hand joins the others in voting Tiny and Victor in as regulars. (No surprise they were drawn to the studio: Gotta wonder about a bagel so pungent it has to be bagged separately so the other bagels don't smell like the everything. It definitely makes this coworker poke her head out when her sesame's been rubbed up on by an everything!)
  14. sheeshkabob

    Episode 258 β€” Yoke Jams

    Bob Ducca and Bill Callahan? This is the good Twilight Zone.
  15. sheeshkabob

    Jason Mantzoukas #174

    JM is my favorite Earwolfer. How he can play both an excellent straight man and a stone cold psycho is one of the world's greatest mysteries.
  16. sheeshkabob

    Episode 87 β€” Fake Laughing

    I quintuple that emotion: Maria Bamford was awesome! You'd never guess she doesn't come from an improv background.
  17. sheeshkabob

    Stephen Merchant #171

    I dropped my breakfast taco when I saw the guest. Awesome interview. Hearing about the genesis of The Office was especially fascinating: It's amazing this game-changing show started so off-the-cuff!
  18. sheeshkabob

    Episode 84 β€”Double or Nothing

    Why does it make me crack up everytime Matt slaps somebody?
  19. sheeshkabob

    Episode 118 β€” Hologram Toes

    I keep coming back to this one. Unlike the life of a diner marshall, this ep just gets better. Please bring Eddie and Patton back soon!
  20. Episode 42 Quadruple Mix-In Great in so many ways: from the Q&A, kicking off the show with a heated debate over the definition of quadruple penetration, to Twitter inspiring the Fecal Blowthrough sketch, to "What's Bothering You?" segueing into Jason getting vetted as a Republican candidate (which, by the way, includes an awesome recall of the Youtube poo poo sketch which then leads to an amazing Gary Marshall campaign message, "Not the director, Gary Marshall"). *Sigh* So good! Episode 7 Battleship Strap-On The episode I had to go back and listen to at least four times, mainly for the sake of the titular sketch (insane to think this is improvised for how funny and well executed it is; made me into an instant Huskey fan) and also for the "What Does That Remind You Of?" segment when Huskey's cursing Ian's cellphone salesman turns him into a demon. (Blink-bloop! Tension fee"). Honorable Mentions: Too many to mention!
  21. Oh my G, this is cracking me up! The book club bullies are just about bringing tears to my eyes. I'm going to have to order a "burreet" for lunch now.
  22. sheeshkabob

    Episode 35 β€” I Fixed It!

    Goddamn, what a quality episode! Favorite segments were the Rosa Parks impersonator (loved it when Matt recommended Lennon's character to associate getting her period with her being a fan of the Twilight series, asking her to "roll with that") and the I Fixed It bits (Pamela nailed how you'd expect an officious, special needs kid to sound). Everyone rocked it, especially the ladies. Please invite Lennon and Pamela back soon.