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  1. sheeshkabob

    Episode 33 — Agree to Disagree

    Wouldn't it be funny if I inserted words into this text field to describe the enjoyable feelings I have for this show?
  2. sheeshkabob

    Episode 31 — Cyborgs

    @Lukas: Me too. I was clutching my desk at work, crying with laughter, vainly trying to pull myself together.
  3. sheeshkabob

    Episode 8 — Gelmania VIII: LIVE!

    Yes! Gelmania's back! And back in a big way, big like a big pair of moobies staring you right in your big face.
  4. sheeshkabob

    Episode 7 — Gelmania VII

    Damn, I felt the same way after watching The Empire Strikes Back. Evil one-percenter, Gelmaniac-bashing Scott-a-bot, you've won this round. But just try and sleep at night knowing we're planning retaliation from deep within our stink-ridden hobo holes.
  5. Yes! I love bonus improv4humans. It's like the snack machine spitting out two candy bars for the price of one.
  6. Great episode! Add me to the fan list of the live show format. Brett Gelman was hysterically funny as usual: "I'm starting to lose my hard-on for Olive Garden." I also loved how some of the more awkward, leftfield stories segued to great sketches: "So it sounds like you didn't understand what a puppet was?" and Volcano -> Hawaii -> Jamaica. Plus, the continuing saga of John Glaser's perplexed girlfriend was highly amusing.
  7. Definitely a bonus. Loved Chad in this one: You explained too much about the distraction baby. Let her do the math.
  8. sheeshkabob

    Episode 155 — Fingerbang Lindbergh

    Patton's become one of my favorite guests. He's always so generous with the characters who barge in. Pair him with Scott, who's also one of the best straight guys, and you've got a funny, funny platform for an Andy Daly or a Eddie Pepitone to roam wild. And this running theme of the in-depth interview interruptus gets funnier each time.
  9. sheeshkabob

    Episode 24 — Humanzee

    Dang, what a great episode! It felt like it ended way too soon, though. The first two sketches had me dying. Chad was extra hilarious this week (especially as the car salesman), and Miss Ham Patty threw out some absurdly funny lines (her mentioning how she had had a coupon to buy their ivory couch and the humanzee Linda's hair being nice really cracked me up for some reason.) Of course, it's always a treat when Matt gets outraged (in response to the salesman calling him an asshole) or when he plays a whispering nature guide of some sort. And Tim Meadows ought to be a guest every other week - at the very least!
  10. This sets the bar for good news.
  11. sheeshkabob

    Episode 22 — Fart Scientist

    Wow, what a great episode! One I might have to listen to again. The stories prompted by the suggestions were hilarious, and everyone ran with the inspiration and kept the pace up. It never hurts when Andy Daly's in the mix, either: especially funny as the pear-shaped father to be.
  12. Oh my god, now that was the funniest list yet.
  13. sheeshkabob

    Episode 142 — Via Voicemail

    Best illnesses list yet - runny bunny slopes!
  14. sheeshkabob

    Episode — Broken Mother's Back

    The inbreeding sketch was my favorite: perkl jar pretties!
  15. Hilarious episode! But now I have a certain ringtone haunting my head: Doobuhdee doobuhdee doobuhdee DOO!
  16. sheeshkabob

    Episode 3 — Gelmania

    I've reached the heart of Gelmania, and there's nothing but burnt bridges behind me. [attachment=10692,272]
  17. sheeshkabob

    Episode 102 — Behind the Music

    One of my favorite episodes! I agree with Zach: awkward on first listening, but like a lot of Tim & *sorry* Eric's comedy style, hilarious second time around. It's obvious the interview is fake, and Scott is "baiting" Tim, insisting on talking about nothing but Awesome Show (or parties they've both gone to), mentioning how Tim's music can be "snipped out" of the podcast and downloaded. And when Scott finally drops his cluelessness and picks up on Tim's animosity, Scott is great at playing foil to Tim's ridiculous cynicism ("You can stop listing cities now," "I won't name any more record labels. I'm sure you're just going to say gimmick after each one.") Funny, funny stuff. Great job!