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  1. Not sure if it's the haircut or the jacket, but Adam looks like he's rocking the Tig Notaro look in this ep's pics.
  2. Mister Robarto

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    Up until 5 minutes ago I was convinced I would go insane unless someone assured me that this episode was non-canonical. But I'm with you guys. Bring it on.
  3. Mister Robarto

    Episode 82.5 — Minisode 82.5

    Am I crazy, or is this mini-episode the first time June's pregnancy was mentioned?
  4. You want me to eat a... pot dog? What's a pot dog?
  5. Mister Robarto

    Episode 271 — Tiny Little Boy Parts

    I was listening to this episode on a plane, and every time someone said "my wife" I wanted to yell "mmmmmmmah wife!" but I didn't want to get tackled.
  6. The family of What's Up Hot Dog has asked that in lieu of flowers, you make a donation to the What's Up Hot Dog Memorial Plugs fund
  7. Hi, I'm Flip Flopperman, and it's Hollywood Nights on Comedy Bling Bling
  8. [slightly off mic] Yeah, so then I told Gillian Jacobs to shove our Words with Friends game right up her... [full mic] Oh, we're on? Hey there, welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, I'm your host Scott Aukerman... no catch phrase submission this week folks, sorry.
  9. Well folks, that's it for this week. I'd like to thank my guests Matt Damon, Mandy Patinkin and Reggie Watts. Bye-bye!
  10. They said we couldn't pull off a "Dead Like Me" reunion show on a comedy podcast, but we're about to prove 'em all wrong!
  11. Mister Robarto

    Judas Kiss (2011)

    I just watched a flick called "Judas Kiss" from 2010 / 2011 (depending on where you look), starring Charlie David. This movie has so many bad things to recommend it... I would love to hear Paul, June and Jason's take. The movie is set in the high-stakes world of a short film competition at a made-up college. In general, it's a VERY bad movie. Bad dialog, and a plot line that varies between inconsistent and incomprehensable. Under-18s give it 9 & 10 ratings on IMDB, and everyone else seems to despise it (overall average is 4.6). It has a 46% on Rotten Tomatoes... apparently no critics reviewed it. It's available on Netflix on Demand. At the same time it looks good - nice looking people wearing nice clothes, and shot well. Some notable features of this movie: 1. The lead character has gay sex with a 15-years younger version of himself that he picks up at a bar. He doesn't recognize himself. 2. The lead character is always smoking. Like, in a way that people 50 years ago wouldn't have tolerated, not to mention people in a movie set now. 3. Distractingly bad soundtrack. 4. No continuity whatsoever. The lead character's beard comes and goes from scene to scene. 5. Crazy set dressing. The logo of the fake university that is the film's primary setting is everywhere... think round white stickers stuck onto black coffee cups. 6. When I saw the lead character's dad, my first thought was "Hobo Paul F. Tompkins". 7. Something's going on with time in the movie, but there's no explanation and seemingly no coherent set of rules. Is it a time travel situation? Are they stuck in some sort of David Lynchian purgatory? Why do things occasionally glow & flicker? The characters that are aware of the situation are incredibly nonchalant. All in all, I think this is "How Did This Get Made?" material.
  12. Mister Robarto

    Que pasa, kielbasa?

    If so the duplication was unintentional.
  13. Mister Robarto

    Que pasa, kielbasa?

    Que pasa, kielbasa?