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  1. lol, Ronnie Hog doing some choice screenshot browser tab bits there.
  2. I got Norm and Steve advancing to the second round. I've got Blink advancing in the non-canonical consolation tournament and I am going to take a dive so that the Hayesbot advances over this incredible Pork Swords club, so we can get our third epic Blink/Hayesbot matchup in four weeks and Blink can finally overcome his robo-demons.
  3. Furban Dicktionary. FUCK you.
  4. I'm hoping that the games this week shake out so that by the end of Monday, seven of our ten teams that are 7-6, so I can use this great lead in my recap (which can be read at fictional website www.porkswords2015.blogspot.com) Hollywood Handbook is described by some as satire but the Fantasy Football league that carries its name has come to be defined by parity.
  5. I'm assuming the Hayesbot has gained sentience, as that's the only explanation for its stunning 6 game winning streak, including wins over mega-elite teams such as my beloved Pork Swords and poor Blink's team, victimized twice in a row. Can this synth bastard run the table and find a way into the playoffs? In the topsyturvy world of the Hollywood Handbook Forum Fantasy Football Federation anything is possible. Especially with you-know-who as the commissioner. Let's send it back to you guys in the studio.
  6. Ashley, if you're wearing a dress, make sure you've got eyes on it at all time, otherwise Jeffrey might throw it on and stretch it out.
  7. Goddammit Steve, you just fucked me out of a potential playoff berth! You are corrupt! A guy fights tooth and nail to a near-.500 record, he should get a taste of some of that postseason pie!
  8. Fuck, that was satisfying. It pains me, as someone who was a big Savage fan coming into this season but he had become kind of insufferable and self-righteous and it was delicious to see him completely blindsided. But it's not all bad news for Savage - he now gets to spend three amazing days alone with Kass on the Pondarosa. Can you think of anything better? Mmm. Hope to god that place is retrofitted for the combined smugness.
  9. seeley

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    It felt like my guy in Fallout 4 looked like a total badass. Made some cool armor, found some welding goggles, even found a cool hat to top it off! But... now that I actually look at him... he's giving off kind of a wasteland leather daddy vibe. It's the hat, isn't it?
  10. seeley

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Psh. I'm able to post on the forums AND roam around post-apocalyptia in Fallout 4 with no problem. Could probably drive cross country and listen to podcasts while I did it too. Sorry you people aren't on my lev... fuck, just got GOT by a deathclaw. This was a mistake. This was all a goddamned mistake.
  11. seeley

    Best HH clips?

    Oh shit yeah, Norm. Those are good ones. Some quick hits (well, quick-ish; they're all over 15-30 seconds, I'm sorry!!!) would be... Sean's question to Aubrey Plaza: https://soundcloud.c...-friend#t=42:46 The boys reveal their gamertags: https://soundcloud.c...-friends#t=5:36 Another great Sean question, after some Anfanger and Bass notes on the show: https://soundcloud.c...friends#t=50:15
  12. seeley

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Wheez, I am very happy for you! I'm also very happy that we're finally getting HH t-shirts! I'm not quite as happy with SteveH suddenly juggling all of these other podcasts with other co-hosts after turfing me from PODCAST our podcast about PODMASS. #gone2soon You have no honor, Steve. NONE.