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  1. Mr. Wex

    LMFAO Quiz Game

    Perfect! I'm anxious to see more questions! Howard, please keep this game going. I really really love it (although my girlfriend is tired of me quizzing her all the time).
  2. Mr. Wex

    LMFAO Quiz Game

    The members of LMFAO are named Redfoo and SkyBlu. Given that, here are a few questions for my fellow Chart Watchers (and I know we don't watch the show): What is the largest animal to ever live on Earth? The 2001 comedy "How High" stars rappers Method Man and _____? The city of Amsterdam is known for it's legalization of Marijuana and what certain part of the town? What airline is known for having a "Customers' Bill of Rights"? and finally: What are the colors does the flag of the U.S.A. sport?
  3. Mr. Wex

    What should we do for our anniversary?

    I know my family and I want to hear Howard's top-5 Puss n' Boots remakes.
  4. Mr. Wex

    Favorite Characters?

    I'm going to agree with the above posters and say that Jack Sjounior and Bryan Pieces are my favorite characters. I can listen to that episode over and over and still crack up every time. Honorable mention to Harris' Disco Customer guy! "Hey this disco sucks!"
  5. my name is Click Clackerman, the lost Tappet brother.
  6. Mr. Wex

    Can Harris Wittels become a Co-Host.

    I would be for this only if we could have Foam Corner for AT LEAST 45 minutes of the show. It seems like every time Mr. Wittels comes on the show to do an hour's worth of Phone (or Foam) Corner, it gets cut down to MAYBE 5 minutes? What's up with that, Click Clockerman?