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  1. Joshua Tree was a stone cold classic, this pickle is a stone cold Vlassic, and that robe is a stone cold cassock!
  2. webslinga

    Episode 87 — Fake Laughing

    Coldest open evah!
  3. webslinga

    Episode 113 — Pullin Wool

    Hey Rob, Chris Gore was the worst guest ever. By a long shot!
  4. webslinga

    Episode 4 — Ginger Pride

  5. webslinga

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    A few things. Chris Gore definitely has a creepy, creepy vibe. I listened to him on the last Improv for Humans and even without his patented "pick up techniques" my stomach was instinctively turning. There's so many things going on with this dude; need for validation, lack of self awareness, weird inscrutable agendas. It's fascinating and gross at the same time. I hope Ku didn't feel uncomfortable (she might know him quite well for all I know), and I don't think he was trying to hit on her... but it makes me uncomfortable, in general, to listen to people talk about their "how to win friends and get ahead" techniques. Especially when it involves instantly sizing someone up and taking advantage of perceived weakness. Anyways, check him out on IfH. Besser is respectul, but also kind of takes him apart.
  6. webslinga

    Episode 64.5 — 2/24/12 TWO CHARTED

    I need to stick up for Howard's theme since he's mentioned axing it two weeks in a row. Maybe, a remix might be acceptable, but pleeeeeeeeeease don't replace it. Nowhere else on earth can you hear "Take the magna carta, and throw it in the garbage". It makes me grin every time I hear it. +10 for dirty Ku
  7. webslinga

    Episode 61 — Time Traveling Skrillex

    You guys should definitely have more colored guests on the show.
  8. webslinga

    Episode 131 — Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

    Please, please, please, for the love of god, more dirty talking Don Knotts. That impression was cut that off way too quickly. Perhaps he could be an "open door policy" guest in the future? Never before today had I considered a world with a dirty Knotts and now I can't get enough of it.
  9. webslinga

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    Another fantastic show. I've been listening to some of the past episodes and I have to say that I really like when the guest "breaks" the show a little. Guests like Andy Kindler, Steven Brody Stevens and I think Ben Schwarz really make Howard work hard to keep the show on track, but there's such a great sense of "what's going to happen next?". Anyway, I listen to a lot of great comedy podcasts but this one is tops for me. Now, how can I get that Seattle ep? Peese!
  10. webslinga

    Episode 128 — Coach? Coach? Coach?

    Foam corner submissions: "They always say never put metal in a microwave, but have you ever seen the inside of a microwave? (it's all metal)" "I go to strip clubs for the articles"