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  1. seanotron

    Bad Joke

    Yoinks, between this and the guy that thinks Scotty Auk & PFT are Grand Dragons in the KKK...iPod, iPad, iJustdontknowanymore!
  2. seanotron

    EPISODE 249 β€” Wrecking Ball Improv

    Joy = (LapkusΒ³ (Todd - HoHoNaughtyElf * Traci Rearden) (Alynne + Pam John - Dorotheamissing hat) (Whitehead20facts-10facts) (Holland + Bears * Doors - RaccoonYeeeeeeeeeees)MyWife) Not to get too technical about it.
  3. Again, I'm not saying it is a movie without problems. But I do not think it is one of the worst movies ever made. And I would maintain that there will never be a better live-action Popeye & Olive Oyl than Robin Williams & Shelley Duvall. And if you're making a Popeye movie, why wouldn't you end it with Popeye punching an octopus so hard it launches out of the water like a rocket?
  4. I legitimately enjoy Popeye. I think that's another movie that very few people have actually seen but just assume is terrible. Mind you, I'm not saying it's a fantastic movie.
  5. seanotron

    EPISODE 117.5 - Minisode 117.5

    They're warm-blooded in the movie, too. Grant says it when they see their first dino.
  6. seanotron

    Phil the Alien (2004)

    I think we determined in the Gooby episode that Canada has some kind of Actor's Draft that forcibly recalls Canadian actors from Hollywood to serve their country by starring in Canadian productions.
  7. seanotron

    Terminator: Genisys (2015)

    The thing is, the original T2 trailer totally does spoil that Arnold is the good guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eajuMYNYtuY
  8. seanotron

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    I'm sure Phyllis appreciates the thought, but her death makes it difficult to work out the scheduling.
  9. seanotron

    Garden State

    I think there's plenty, really. She's really not *that* important to the story. Braff's catharsis about his guilt over his mother and his relationship with his father and with Sarsgaard, you don't really need Natalie for any of that. In keeping with her status as a MPDG, she basically has no effect on anyone else in the story, so she's essentially Braff's Tyler Durden.
  10. seanotron

    Garden State

    I think the backlash against this film is a wee bit OTT, but it's probably because the initial praise for it was also OTT. Really, if you remove Natalie Portman's character and subsequent subplot out of the movie, it isn't a bad film. Peter Sarsgaard is pretty great, as is Jean Smart. Even Braff is solid. I do have beef with the fact that Jim Parsons isn't speaking actual Klingon. Braff couldn't pony up $14.95 for a Klingon Dictionary? OUTRAGEOUS!
  11. seanotron

    Striptease (1996)

    Yeah, by 1996 there was pretty much nothing left to derail. Though IIRC his performance in this was noted as one of the high points of an otherwise terrible movie.
  12. seanotron

    What film got you into the podcast?

    I believe my first episode was The Tourist and I was instantly hooked. The show has changed so much since then. *wipes away tear*
  13. seanotron


    You might be downplaying Morgan Spurlock's success just a wee bit there. I think Lexi would probably be thrilled to be in his position. Or to have Lifted compared to that One Direction movie, which made crazy money.
  14. seanotron

    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    Minisode one week, full episode the next.
  15. seanotron


    She's been hired to do some episodes of Arrow this year, so maybe TV will end up welcoming her a little more warmly.
  16. seanotron

    EPISODE 246 β€” Fifth Hand Tom Cruise Gossip

    Per the Howl.fm site: We are experiencing difficulty with the ad-free Earwolf/Wolfpop archives on Howl. For now, you can listen to the archives - with ads - for free in the iOS App, or on Earwolf.com or Wolfpop.com. As promised, ad-free archives are coming to Howl soon! When they do, they will be exclusive to Howl Premium.
  17. seanotron

    EPISODE 246 β€” Fifth Hand Tom Cruise Gossip

    They haven't taken anything down yet, so you could just download them and then you never have to miss them.
  18. seanotron

    Episode 14 β€” Green Lantern

    Another disappearing ep? Weird.
  19. seanotron


    Has this been an episode of Great Bit(rate)s?
  20. seanotron


    Friends, I think we need to get back on topic and work out this Irish Water issue.
  21. seanotron

    The Stepford Wives (2004)

    As I recall, they aren't even consistent about whether the wives are robots or merely mind-controlled by brain implants. Tons of last minute reshoots turned this thing into a continuity nightmare.
  22. seanotron

    EPISODE 245 β€” Bush-Shaped Bush

    Randomly disappearing 15 minutes into the podcast is such a classic Engineer Cody Cody move.
  23. seanotron

    EPISODE 245 β€” Bush-Shaped Bush

    Looking forward to the nuanced discussion that will follow the reveal that Armen is back this week.