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    Cloud Atlas?

    I think the idea is that 'yellowface' is a real thing that Hollywood has done for a long, long time, that has hurt a lot of Asians while turning black people into white people really isn't a terribly oppressive thing (though there's probably an argument to be made that any Wayans movie is oppressive to its audience). It is worth noting that while they did a lot of race switching in Cloud Atlas, they stayed far away from blackface.
  2. seanotron

    Prometheus (2012)

    And that's a perfect example of the Horror half of the movie rearing its head. We need someone to be stupid and touch the snake, so it might as well be the biologist who should absolutely know better.
  3. seanotron

    Prometheus (2012)

    The only movie I really liked in 3D was Tron Legacy. I thought it looked absolutely amazing. But I'm not a big fan of 3D as I have a slight astigmatism that causes me to go a bit cross-eyed watching 3D.
  4. seanotron

    Cloud Atlas?

    As much as I sometimes enjoy Yo Is This Racist, you can't really count on it for insightful or thoughtful commentary. That's why he's always joking about not doing research. It's just not designed to engage anything on more than a surface level.
  5. seanotron

    They Live (1988)

    I dunno, I'd say Andre the Giant, The Rock and Big Show are all better actors than Roddy Piper. He seems like a nice man, but he is laughably bad in this. And again, I say that as a fan of this movie. It's not so much that it's bad in say a Uwe Boll way, it's that it's crazy in a Crank 2 way. I think it could make for an awesome episode.
  6. seanotron

    Prometheus (2012)

    I think there's an interesting idea to explore in this notion of looking for God and then not necessarily liking what you find, but I don't think they really got into it as much as I would have liked.
  7. seanotron

    Cloud Atlas?

    This is another one of those movies that reached big and I have some respect them for at least trying. I do think it could make for an interesting episode because it is crazy, but also because the process of how it was made is totally fascinating. After all, it is the most expensive independent film of all time. Apparently, just about every studio there is turned this down at some point. The film has two different directors. And it's kind of amazing they got a bona fide A-lister like Hanks to do a non-studio project that was clearly pretty controversial from the start and so insanely ambitious. I mean, there's plenty to goof on. They try to make white people Asian by giving them the most ridiculous eyejob in the world, they make Halle Berry into the most terrifying white person I've seen since the Wayans in White Chicks, and they make Keith David Korean. But there's something about it that's hard not to respect on some level.
  8. seanotron

    Prometheus (2012)

    After seeing this in the theater, I told the friends that I was with that I would totally watch a TV show called 'The Adventures of Noomi & Michael Fassbender's Head in Outer Space'. Rumors are the sequel is called Prometheus: Paradise, so I think we'll definitely see the Engineer's homeworld. Apparently, Spaihts original script explained that the Engineers were angry with us because we killed Jesus (no, I am not making this up), so hopefully they have enough time to come up with a better explanation for the sequel.
  9. seanotron

    Prometheus (2012)

    It is a gorgeous movie. I don't think anyone could find fault with that aspect of it. Or Michael Fassbender, who was fuckin amazing.
  10. seanotron

    Prometheus (2012)

    Aliens is definitely on par with Alien. Especially the Director's Cut. But they really are two totally different films. Alien is pure horror and Aliens is balls-out action. I think Cameron smartly realized he couldn't repeat what Scott did so he completely flipped the script. He was actually a pretty great director in the 80s. Aliens is such a master template for action films that parts of it will come across as cliche now, but you have to remember that when it came out those things weren't cliches.
  11. seanotron

    Caligula (1979)

    Yeah, I would imagine the 80s are more or less the cutoff given everyone's age.
  12. seanotron

    Karen Gillan!

    I would totally be on board for this. Karen is really funny and has a kind of manic energy that would work really well for the show.
  13. seanotron

    Shocker (1989)

    He was also supposed to do a Dune reboot, but thankfully that did not happen.
  14. seanotron

    Twin Sitters (1994)

    The hell did I just watch?
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    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

    Ya know, I don't even find this movie fun to watch in a bad way. It's such a downer to see otherwise talented people trying their best to make a bad story interesting. Other than Sean Connery, who seems completely disinterested the entire time. Alan Moore is certifiable and kind of a dick, but he was right-on when he warned Hollywood that his stories would not translate to the big screen very well. Not that League uses his story, it just sort of uses the framework he created.
  18. seanotron

    Al Pacino as Phil Spector

  19. seanotron

    Who Memed?

  20. seanotron

    Chopping Mall (1986)

    This would be good for the Halloween episode.
  21. seanotron

    Fatal Deviation (1998)

    Based on the title I assumed this was some kind of terrible Final Destination ripoff.
  22. seanotron

    Men in Black II (2002)

    She's not an unattractive woman by any means (back then at least; she's made some modifications in the ensuing years that leave me baffled), but she was never a great beauty. They have people in MIB2 practically picking up their jaws from the floor when she walks by, and it was absolutely ridiculous. I mean, the gang had a hard time accepting the reaction to Scottie Thompson in Skyline, and she's far more modelesque than LFB. Such a weird casting choice. Oh, and did I mention her acting is very, very bad? Because it is very, very bad.
  23. seanotron

    Vampires (1998)

    Carpenter has actually done a ton of really cool film scores besides Halloween. Big Trouble, Christine, The Fog, etc. He also worked with Ennio Morricone on the score to The Thing.
  24. seanotron

    Spring Breakers

    I heard this was pretty great (in a super bonkers way).
  25. seanotron

    Men in Black II (2002)

    This movie has one of the craziest central conceits I have ever seen. No, I am not talking about the idea of an extragovernmental agency that polices alien activity on Earth. No, I am not talking about the idea of aliens on Earth. And no, I am not talking about the idea that the post office is staffed entirely by extraterrestrials (a joke I still giggle at, despite its obviousness). I am talking about Lara Flynn Boyle as a Victoria's Secret model. I have no idea who thought this would be remotely plausible, but I do remember seeing this in a theater and hearing quite a few guffaws the minute this plot point came up.