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  1. seanotron

    Episode 109 — Tyler Perry Movies

    Oh definitely not a lack of talent. Institutional racism, no doubts in my mind. I just hope that changes so that people don't feel compelled to prop up crappy creators like Tyler Perry.
  2. seanotron

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

    Oh I agree, I think those PA movies are just about to overstay their welcome (though as I said, the profit margin is so insane on those that there will probably be at least 2 or 3 more before they throw in the towel). And I think there was a superhero tipping point in the mid 00's. X-Men 2 was the high point, then we had crap like X3, Fantastic Four 2, etc. But there was a bounceback with The Dark Knight and the Marvel stuff. But now we've got Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Captain America 2, etc. I think we're approaching the saturation point again, though it probably depends on how good some of these sequels turn out to be. I actually liked Ang Lee's Hulk (it's probably the most beautifully shot comic movie I've ever seen) but I understand why people don't like it as a Hulk or Marvel movie.
  3. seanotron

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

    The first Saw had a good story. The sequels were money-grabbing garbage with very little story or plot, just excuses to execute people in more and more elaborate and disgusting ways. You can tell the decline in quality just from the acting talent involved. We went from Danny Glover & Cary Elwes to a bunch of C-list TV actors no one ever heard of. I just don't care for torture-porn. It encourages the audience to root not for characters but for more elaborate and grisly deaths. That's why I liked Cabin in the Woods, I felt it really effectively skewered that whole genre. That being said, jump-scare movies get pretty tiresome, too. As does any genre that gets overdone. I've enjoyed a lot of the superhero movies in the last 4 yeas, but I feel like we're getting to a tipping point with that, too.
  4. seanotron

    Episode 109 — Tyler Perry Movies

    We definitely need more black filmmakers. Perry's stuff may not be outright racist, but it is sexist. And homophobic. It would be nice if we had a greater number of successful black filmmakers out there so that people wouldn't feel compelled to support Perry when even they admit he's awful. Like Jeremy said, 'That shit is depressing'. It seems like back in the 90s there was a much bigger black presence in entertainment, at least on TV. We had Martin, Living Single, In Living Color, Roc, etc. And they were all popular network shows. It's like in the 2000s we stepped backward for some reason.
  5. seanotron

    Oz the Great and Powerful

    Well, to be fair it was really her sister that caused her to be deformed and exiled. But yeah, I had a kind of fundamental objection to the story framing Oz (the Wizard) as the hero in the first place. He travels to a magical land with 3 super powerful, badass witches and they're all waiting around for an incompetent male con artist to save them? The Oz books all had really strong female protagonists (Baum was an early and almost unheard of Male Feminist) so it did rub me the wrong way that they made the witches kind of weak. Glinda & Evanora seemed to see through him for most of the story (though Glinda still needed him, for nebulous reasons), but then in the end Glinda & the Wizard have that kiss and you're sort of led to believe there's a romantic angle. Kunis' Theodora is essentially portrayed as an idiot that falls in love after 5 minutes. The movie didn't seem to spend much time developing its female characters, all so we could root for Oscar, a lying philanderer who just wants to be adored. Like I said earlier, I actually found the movie enjoyable for the most part (and it's certainly not HDTGM bad), but it felt like they hadn't fully considered some of the unfortunate implications in their script choices.
  6. seanotron

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

    Yup, we went from torture-porn to jump-scares. Can't say I'll miss the torture-porn, though.
  7. seanotron

    The Last Song

    If we're going to do a Nicholas Sparks movie, I feel like we need to do Safe Haven first. Because, ya know, GHOSTS!
  8. seanotron

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    Even more mind-blowing - Halle Berry has an Oscar!
  9. seanotron

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    I saw the trailer for this and I thought it was just a differently cut trailer for Movie 43. What's the deal with all these crap ensemble comedies? 'Go ahead, make me gay'? What person who isn't a 7-year-old boy would think that's funny?
  10. seanotron

    I Am Sam (2001)

    IIRC, RDJ actually said this was one of the movies that inspired his whole 'full retard' speech. It's a terrible movie, another one in a long line of 'developmentally disabled people are MAGIC' stories. That said, I think doing this one would be really tricky. There's a fine line between making fun of Sean Penn for over-committing and just making fun of people with disabilities.
  11. seanotron

    American horror story

    The 3rd season is apparently going to be about a witch coven. And will feature Kathy Bates.
  12. seanotron

    the hobbit

    There's really zero question as to how this got made, so not such a good fit.
  13. seanotron

    Color of Night

    Oh god, this movie...
  14. seanotron

    Star Wars Holiday Special

    This is so bad it's nigh impossible to make it all the way through. And it is not fun bad. It is, 'Please let me die' bad.
  15. seanotron


    My fear that this would get old too quickly was clearly misplaced, as these are still giving me giggle fits (esp the June ones).
  16. seanotron

    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    There's a point where she seems to indicate she wants him to take her with him, but it's more of a 'Please help me escape this cult' thing than a romantic interest. Of course, in view of later plot developments that scene really makes no sense, as it's clear she doesn't want to escape. But that's Wickerman logic for you.
  17. seanotron

    Episode 119.5 — 3/15/13 TWO CHARTED 58

    Ya know, Austin Stories sort of was the Portlandia of the 90s.
  18. seanotron


    Check page 2 - http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/10658-memezoukas/page__view__findpost__p__53587
  19. seanotron

    Jaws 3-D (1983)

    Even though this movie is ridiculous and terrible, I think Jaws 4 still outbonkers it by suggesting that Sharks hold grudges and that Mrs Brody is psychically bonded with them.
  20. seanotron

    American horror story

    I get what you're saying here, and I love Sherlock, but I also really like Elementary (the US version). They are two totally different shows. Both do unique things with the material.
  21. seanotron

    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    Wait, what was her creepy sexual relationship with an older man in Wickerman?
  22. I remember liking this. But I can't remember anything about it besides that.
  23. seanotron

    They Live (1988)

    Oh I don't know, they've done cult favorites before. I love this movie but it is also insane and there is plenty of material to work with.
  24. seanotron

    Idle Hands

    It's admittedly been a long time since I've seen this, but I believe it was designed as a showcase for Jessica Alba in skimpy outfits.
  25. seanotron


    Hey wait, wasn't this a Marino line?