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  1. Ok, this is an example of thinking too deeply about a dumb movie, but I've always had a weird soft spot for this, so bear with me. it seemed like Pacino-Devil had pinned all his hopes on Keanu to father the Antichrist. Yet we know he impregnated at least one other woman, thus Connie Nielsen, his daughter (assuming she was human and not a demon or something). Why not hedge his bets and go out and impregnate a bunch of women? Why could he only father one son at a time? And why wouldn't his son, Keanu, be the Antichrist? Why did it have to be his grandson? Did the Antichrist have to be a pure-blood? Was Keanu a muggle? Also, I was confused as to why he just sort of walked out of Keanu's life after he was conceived, but seemed to be involved in Connie Nielsen's life for some time. Didn't she have Free Will? Why was only Keanu's choice important? Is there some kind of weird misogynist message there? Women are getting raped left and right in this movie and seem to exist solely as temptations, so I'm just not sure what to make of that. Even Charlize's character isn't necessarily 'good' even though they seem to present her that way, since she seems totally aware of the guilt of Keanu's pedo client and in the rebooted universe still questions why he's doing the right thing. Oi...
  2. Woohoo! One of my favorite bad movies, ever. I was a little nervous about this because I knew it was recorded at the same time as the Anaconda episode and I felt that one lacked the usual energy. Glad to see my worries were unfounded! I'm also glad Paul pointed out the weird racial stuff. Poor Delroy Lindo, it's weird to think he was probably shooting this around the same time as A Life Less Ordinary. And June Diane Raphael, don't you ever stop doing what you do.
  3. seanotron

    Episode 198 — Aren't You Glad

    Amy Phillips is wonderful. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/054875dea3/wizard-of-oz-remake-screentest
  4. seanotron

    Episode 113.5 — 2/1/13 TWO CHARTED 52

    Love you guys! But yeah, the '-um' thing is considered offensive. It's the equivalent of saying 'ching-chong' when describing Chinese speakers. There's even an old Seinfeld episode that addresses it when Jerry tries to date a Native American woman and unintentionally keeps using offensive slang around her (he even says, 'We smoke-um peace pipe!' at one point).
  5. seanotron

    Episode 197 — Please Claire-ify

    New no-no! If Stan Sitwell doesn't like Paul Rust, then uh uh uh uh I'm allowed to LOVE Paul Rust. New no-no!
  6. seanotron

    Episode 113 — Pullin Wool

    Fairly certain this was who both of them immediately thought of when he mentioned it (you could tell they had someone in mind - at least Kulap did), but they're both just too nice to say it.
  7. seanotron

    Episode 196 — A Different Huelliverse

    It's called The Late Phillip J Fry.
  8. seanotron

    Episode 196 — A Different Huelliverse

    Jeff's laugh is so damn delightful, though.
  9. Honestly, I felt like that video demonstrated far worse parenting than this movie.
  10. seanotron

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    How dare you, Shelby Fero. HOW DARE YOU.
  11. seanotron

    Episode 57 — Dixie

    I thought it was stranger that Frederick Douglass wasn't in Lincoln, since he was so heavily involved in that process. The entire movie takes place in Washington, DC, so that there weren't any slaves around made sense. But leaving Douglass out bugged me. Also, maybe Gabe just wasn't paying very close attention, but the movie is PG-13 and includes some pretty bloody scenes, including one where a soldier has his leg amputated, fields of dead bodies, etc.
  12. seanotron

    Episode 127 — National Pleasure

    I'm right there with ya. Swardson is decidedly not funny.
  13. seanotron

    Episode 52 — Reindeer Games

    Paul's story about trying to French Kiss his mother was pretty amazing. Also upsetting.
  14. seanotron

    Episode 52 — Reindeer Games

    They introduce him around the 1 minute mark.
  15. seanotron

    Episode 107.5 — 12/21/12 TWO CHARTED 46

    That bear is amazing. Also terrifying.
  16. seanotron

    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    You have both my admiration and my pity.
  17. seanotron

    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    Definitely a joke. http://jeshirt.tumblr.com
  18. Oh god, Pacino is Pacinoing so hard in that movie that I was afraid he was going to pull something.
  19. Explaining the name does not help the fact that it is a terrible, stupid name.
  20. Julie is one of my favorite memories of early MTV. Me, my sister and my mom used to love watching her show. And as I recall, my mom used to sing a pretty great rendition of 'Cause I'm a Blonde'.
  21. seanotron

    Episode 49 — Cobra: LIVE!

    I know what Jason is talking about. There was this weird urban legend about murderous clowns in ice cream trucks when I was a kid.
  22. seanotron

    Episode 33 — Abduction

    Yeah...no. Not in any way, shape or form. Legacy might have been rote, but Abduction is pure garbage.
  23. seanotron

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    That is just all kinds of awesome.
  24. seanotron

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    I smell a Sleepaway Camp: Director's Edition coming on!
  25. seanotron

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    She looks the same age to me, and even has the blood going down her neck as in the final scene. Why would she have that blood makeup on again 8 months later? I also suspect that 3rd picture down is the male college student, as his nose is different from hers in the previous pictures.