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  1. This is a pretty fun bad movie. The Twooch is campin' it up something fierce, and as others have mentioned the 'science' of the movie is completely ludicrous (or possibly Ludacris). The fact that they are constantly trying to explain the nonsense of the plot just makes it funnier. It's like episodes of Star Trek Voyager where they'd just string together a series of science-y words and hope you bought it.

  2. I'm glad that Joss Whedon went on to greater film success so that the stories of how HIS vision of "Resurrection" was different from what ended up being the finished film would kind of go away. It probably wasn't going to be a whole lot better than what it was, but because he's a name that we know, it got brought up at every turn, when in fact, screenwriters get their stuff changed or rejected all the time and they're hardly the first ones to get a pass at it. See also: Kevin Smith's "Superman".


    Fox's decision-making process for Alien 4 was truly bizarre. They hired a French director that didn't speak English who was primarily known for whimsical black comedies to make an Alien movie, and then went through what I have to assume was the most insane casting process in history. 'We need an authoritative military type for this General role..I've got it! We'll get Dan Hedaya!'


    I do wish they'd stuck with Whedon's original concept which had no Ripley. That's another thing about Blomkamp's Alien that makes me hesitate. I love Sigourney Weaver, but enough Ripley already.

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  3. Blomkamp seems good at coming up with interesting premises but bad at doing anything interesting with them. I'm not sure what he might do with Alien, but at this point he certainly couldn't sink that franchise any deeper than Alien Resurrection or the Alien v Predator movies already did.

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  4. If it's true, it's like choosing between a starring vehicle and an ensemble piece, or maybe one project just looked better than the other on paper. HIMYM looks like it could have been any number of shows that had already failed that looked like they were trying to be the next "Friends".


    True, and to be fair Ghost Whisperer was a very popular show when it was on.

  5. SORRYSORRYSORRY I can't help it. If you like dark, nasty, balls-to-the-wall rock and roll music and don't think 18:08-19:50 of the following video is powerful as fuck, I just don't even know (purely improvised, mind you).




    I'm so weak...


    You and I have a completely different definition of rock n' roll.


    But I love you for being the Harris to our collective Scott. I have no doubt that Harris would be tickled that this cosmic battle over the quality of Phish continues...

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    Not really taking a position on this film one way or another (haven't seen it, don't really plan to), but it's not like the Oscars have chosen flawlessly for their nominations in every category. I mean, Meryl Streep won her third Oscar for a now-mostly-forgotten biopic that got mixed reviews.



    One of my favorite Oscar categories is the old 'Whoops We Should Have Given You One of These For One of Your Excellent Performances But We Didn't Because We Gave it to Some Other Crap We Can't Even Remember So Oops Our Bad Here Ya Go' award.

  7. This movie also completely cops out in the end as *SPOILER ALERT* he wakes up to discover the whole thing was a dream. Jennifer Lynch totally pulled a Dallas/Newhart ending.


    There's definitely something bubbling under the surface about misogyny but she just didn't do anything interesting with it.

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    Didn't Kulap say the interns Patrick and Chris actually worked on this? They need some love too.


    I definitely did not mean to diminish the hard work the entire Earwolf family puts into everything they do and especially the difficult work they've put in this past week. I just wanted acknowledge Brett since he did such great work on what I imagine were two very, very difficult episodes in the wake of what happened.

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