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    A. He didn't really have much of a career to derail at that point. I mean, he was in "Cop and a Half" only three years prior.

    B. What's funny about "Boogie Nights" is that Burt hated it so much, he fired his agent for getting him the role. And surprisingly, after that his career went right back to where it was before: Appearing in things nobody cares about, only occasionally appearing in something good ("Archer," "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City").


    Yeah, by 1996 there was pretty much nothing left to derail. Though IIRC his performance in this was noted as one of the high points of an otherwise terrible movie.

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  2. Holy shit I just realized that Lexi is the female Morgan Spurlock, career wise. Both were nominated for an Oscar very early in their careers (Spurlock with his first movie, Lexi with her second), then released a movie that was well received, but not as much as the prior (Spurlock with Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Lexi with Green Street Hooligans), then they do a comic book film (Spurlock with his Comic Con film and Lexi with Punisher:War Zone), and then they do a musical movie that no one gives a shit about (Spurlock with the One Direction film and Lexi with Lifted).


    Beyond that I do hope that Lexi gets back into better projects because her films like Punisher and Green Street show the kind of talent that she has. This really is proof that one bad movie can totally tank your career despite its failure being no fault of your own.


    You might be downplaying Morgan Spurlock's success just a wee bit there. I think Lexi would probably be thrilled to be in his position. Or to have Lifted compared to that One Direction movie, which made crazy money.

  3. Per the Howl.fm site:


    We are experiencing difficulty with the ad-free Earwolf/Wolfpop archives on Howl. For now, you can listen to the archives - with ads - for free in the iOS App, or on Earwolf.com or Wolfpop.com. As promised, ad-free archives are coming to Howl soon! When they do, they will be exclusive to Howl Premium.

  4. Rather technical point about streaming content through Howl:


    Let's gloss over the fact that the relatively new custom of streaming content is hugely degrading audio quality

    in general. People who have heard the difference between in-browser Netflix and the SuperHD service will know.

    That is comparing 64kbps and roughly 384kbps.


    Now for podcasts, the quality of the audio can be quite limited without hurting the listening experience.

    That is unless the program regularly features professionally recorded music. But considering the

    app might be streaming only, it would be helpful to know exactly at what bit rate it will run. This

    is mainly a concern for people who got into the habit of listening during their commute for example.


    Has this been an episode of Great Bit(rate)s?

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  5. Honestly, I have no idea why people rate Chronicle so highly. I thought it was really boring and cliched. Why Fox saw that movie and thought, 'Yeah, this guy should do Fantastic Four!' I have no idea. It all seemed a bit doomed (or should I say Domashev-ed?) from the start.

  6. I just wrote a bunch about this, but my connection dropped and now it's lost to the ether. Oh well...


    But basically, if anyone's interested, Kevin Smith has been releasing a lengthy interview he did with Josh Trank on Fatman on Batman. Three parts have already been released with the fourth and final part coming out next week.


    It's honestly pretty interesting, if only to hear him talk about the making of this movie and what he was trying to do with it and how it juxtaposes with what the critics are saying. It's like they specifically take each and every one of Trank's points and then argue he achieved the exact opposite.


    It's pretty fascinating in an art's "intention" vs. its "reception" kind of way.


    Although I wonder if that's all kind of undermined by the fact that he's now trying to disown it by claiming studio interference.

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  7. The original Vacation was based on trips from John Hughes' childhood, so despite the sort of heightened reality of the movie there was something tangible and real for an audience to identify with. The jokes were built around the story. On the other hand, this movie seems to function solely as a joke delivery system, with nothing real to latch onto. The fact that the jokes are dumb and by most accounts very, very bad, probably doesn't help.

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