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  1. Did anyone else think that every single scene with Anthony Weiner was...weird? Not just because, hey Anthony Weiner is in this but there's something just really off about it, even compared to any other scene in NASA (like with that glasses-dude).


    The lighting was completely different for one. The acting and mood on those tiny scenes are really tonally different. There's a complete lack of tongue in cheek drama and it's replaced with heightened ACTING.


    It's a weird thing to pick out but I mean that baby scene at the end...I dont even know how to begin that conversation. So I just wanna focus on how weird this was;




    There were also some very odd camera zooms in that scene. I remember at one point they seemed to zoom in on someone's back.

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  2. Jonah Ray's "don't criticize movies, they don't owe you anything" is obviously just an extension of his Nerdist/Chris Hardwick sidekick job. Him and Hardwick never give their real opinions on anything because they're afraid of offending aynone. It's lame


    and movies do owe you something, they're art that you pay to see


    Btw Armen was chill this episode, Another Period is hilarious


    I think it's just that Nerdist's whole thing revolves around loving something. It reminds me of that PFT quote from a few years back:



    You go on WTF, and the host is like ‘Why should I care about you?’ Then you go on The Nerdist, the host is like ‘I care about you too much.’ Then you come here, and the host isn’t aware of what’s happening at all, or who the person is, and all he wants to do is wait for you to say the words ‘my wife.’
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    Can we have a rule for this show not to do anymore TV movies. stay with just film based movies. Not this type of Jimmy kimmel "

    " with D list actors on it.


    I didn't make it to the end btw. I got as far as space and that's when I tuned out.



    The problem is that would exclude wonderful things like Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor movie, and I just can't get behind that.

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    I was trying to say that Warwick had been in both Willow and Labyrinth. I never thought he was in this one. Although he should have been.


    Reading comprehension fail on my part, sorry!


    I totally agree that Warwick should just be in all the movies.


    Warwick Davis has been in so many movies its easy to lose track. He was in fact in both movies. He's impossible to spot in Labyrinth though, he's in full makeup.


    I'm 99% sure Warwick Davis is not in this movie. He's not listed in the cast and I think he was making that terrible Ewok movie when this was being shot.

  6. I know they were discussing him recording snippets on the road, but since the whole tour was thursday-saturday I figured he scheduled it that way and for such a short time so he wouldn't have to miss any "work" days. He told us he had some travel delays on Saturday getting to Boston, sounded like quite an ordeal, so maybe he just needed decompression after the busy weekend.


    Head to NJ, listen to some Bruce, pop some clench


    Ahh okay. I had the distinct impression Armen would be on this week but I guess I had no basis for that (despite it actually happening). Wait...maybe I'm developing psychic wishing powers? I WISH FOR CARA DELEVINGNE! I WISH FOR CARA DELEVINGNE!


    Aww dammit, I got Interpol's Carlos Dengler instead.

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  7. Whaaat?! So disappointed that Howard isn't there, in Cambridge he told us he was going home Sunday to return to jobsite


    Armen was at least a little better here than he was on his last appearance (to me)


    Didn't they say he wasn't going to be on this week on Two Charted? I could have sworn they did.

  8. Way to cast aspersions on Twilight from a place of total ignorance. Only Carlisle Cullen was even alive during American slavery times, and he was in England, not coming to America until the Spanish Influenza outbreaks. Esme was born in 1895 Ohio, Emmett in 1915, and Alice and Edward were born in 1901 and turned in 1917 or 1918.


    Literally none of them were in the American South at the right time that white vampires would have owned slaves so you're just manufacturing a criticism that doesn't apply



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  9. I was not in favor of these when they announced the first one way back in aught thirteen, but it made for a C+ ep so I've just adopted a live and let live philosophy. Plus, I can't wait to hear Scott's frustration that he had to sit through yet another Tyler Perry movie only to have it scrapped at the last minute for one of these turds.



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