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  1. I have to agree that it really was shot beautifully. I appreciated that Ang Lee really wanted to bring the comic-vibe to the screen, but unfortunately it just did not pay off for me. I think it was a combination of everything rather than just his directing. The acting from every single cast member was awful. The special effects were awful. Everything is awful (please sing Everything is Awesome while reading this).


    I totally get it not working for people. I don't even think it really works. But I still like it.


    I agree that the CGI is super inconsistent. Ebert even pointed out the oddity of faraway shots of the Hulk looking worse than closeups, which makes no sense at all.


    BUT there are some really great effects, like that fight between Hulk and Absorbing Man where they jump from cloud to cloud via lightning. That thing is absolutely beautiful.


    I would also argue that the casting is much better than the Ed Norton Hulk.

    Sam Elliot's Thunderbolt Ross > William Hurt's Thunderbolt Ross

    Jennifer Connolly's Betty > Liv Tyler's Betty

    Etc., etc.

  2. I'm with Roger Ebert on this one. This movie is weird and insane and wonderful. I love it. Nick Nolte is giving us all a masterclass in chewing the scenery HARD. And truthfully, I wish some of the current Marvel directors would take a cue from Ang Lee because this movie is shot so beautifully. He really managed to project a comic book page onto the screen.

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  3. It's possible I'm just too entertained by Tom Selleck's mustache, but I really didn't think this was that big of a slog to get through, especially when compared to some of our previous selections. But then maybe that doesn't mean much in a podcast where we've had to sit through horrors like A Dungeon Siege Tale or Nothing But Trouble.

  4. I just finished this movie this morning, and I have to say, that it is probably my second favorite movie about a police officer suffering from acrophobia.


    And that kiss over the credits ...man, that just gets uncomfortable. I think if it beats Vertigo in any regard, it has to be in its portrayal of cinema's most awkward onscreen kiss.




    This gif is a woman realizing she's fallen in love with the guy she was paid to psychologically torture and she's going to have to commit fake suicide in front of him which will probably drive him insane.


    On the other hand, at the end of Runaway we see a woman who has just realized she's a beard for a guy that really, really wants to have sex with his housekeeping robot.

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  5. Ok, after doing a bit of Google research I found this fascinating interview with the writer (and original director) David M Evans.




    On the ending:

    The most glaring change was the end of the film, the original script ended with a reunion of sorts between Mike and Bobby, grown up, in the Smithsonian National Aerospace Museum where the Radio Flyer is on display next the The Wright Flyer -- with the exception that is has no visable means of support (no wires, nothing... just hovering in mid air proudly). I wrote it because I intended it to mean that the Radio Flyer had actually worked -- whatever the machinations of how Bobby survived notwithstanding. Mr. Donner's opinion was that the ending should be a "Rorschach Test" for the audience. I believe that is entirely wrong


    Also, he apparently intended the abuse to be way more brutal and explicit but the studio/Donner wouldn't go for it. Oh, and the dog could talk. NO REALLY.

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  6. Cause there is no way that kid isnt fucking dead right?


    If he is dead, that means Tom Hanks has been sending himself all those postcards he claims are from his brother. His wife should really grab the kids and get the hell out of there because he could crack at any minute.

  7. So I started watching Runaway this morning and was thinking that it couldn't be and stupider, when suddenly, out of nowhere, the Chief tells Selleck, "I want you to talk to our psychic" and I nearly lost my goddamn mind.


    Also, I'm surprised R.O.B. didn't make a cameo...




    There was a thing in Sci-fi for a while where it was just assumed that in the future some humans would be so evolved they'd develop psychic powers. This was probably at its peak in the 60s & 70s (though it was around much earlier than that). They usually wouldn't refer to the character as psychic, mind you, they'd call them 'espers' or say they had a high 'psi factor' or some other such nonsense, but it was just a sneaky way to get magic in the door without calling it that.


    Now by the time this movie came out, I feel like most of the Sci-fi overlords had decided we were calling it 'telepathy' and it was usually an ability reserved for aliens. So it still feels a little incongruous, even in this very dumb movie.


    Although now that I think about it, maybe it was just a reference to the fact that a lot of police departments apparently do consult psychics?* I dunno.


    *Movie police, at least

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  8. During the attack, there was a part that I thought was SO adorable that no one brings up. The petting zoo gets attacked, but they couldn't lift the baby dinos because they were too heavy. Like, one of them tries to take off with a little brontosaurus or something, and then drops it from three feet off the ground. Awwwwwwwwww! It's too bad what happens to the humans though. Yeah, that sucks...


    Maybe the Pteranodons were genetically engineered to crave HUMAN FLESH!


    A baby Triceratops! I've seen so many people talk about the assistant, but I honestly was not bothered by her death. I didn't see how it was any worse than Sam L Jackson's arm or the lawyer's death being played 100% for laughs. But I was seriously concerned for that baby Triceratops.

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  9. I've hesitated to post this because I don't want to start a, as Cameron H. puts it, forum firestorm, but most of the people here seem chill so here goes. Adam Pally's accent bits are problematic. He reveled in them too much for them to be a critical lampooning of racist accents. Thank goodness the hosts called him out on them (in a way that saved face for Pally).


    Certain kinds of racial humor are like Mt. Everest. The first few summittings are notable because they were the firsts and shed some light on human nature. However, since more and more people have done it, climbing Everest have become an individualistic and vainglorious activity that adds nothing to the world except for frozen turds, garbage and corpses. I applaud the HDTGM crew for not heeding the "because it's there" siren call of those kinds of racial humor.


    I for sure cringed during that.

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    "Manhattan" does have him romancing a 17-year old. (Well, at the beginning, anyway.) Granted, the movie was released in 1979, when he was in his 40s, so it wasn't quite as creepy-old-man as it would be nowadays, but it does give you pause.


    Made especially unsettling after Hemingway revealed that not only was Woody Allen her first kiss (not first on screen kiss, but actual first kiss), but he then arranged for her to go to Paris with him THE DAY she turned 18. Barf.

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    Fair enough, but...the episode was recorded sometime in May, at 10PM, on apparently a rainy night. Given those factors, I think shorts would be a bit weird. Also, you're going out, dress up a bit. Show respect for yourself and the performers. If I am ever so fortunate to go to a HDTGM live show, I promise to go full suit. Like this classy gentleman:




    But who knows...Maybe this can be the forum firestorm Jason was begging for. How about it, guys? Shorts or no shorts? Let's really tear each other apart!


    Fair point, I forgot this was recorded a while back.


    I will take this opportunity to post a picture of Jason in shorts, though. The grosso!



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    Oh crap, guys! Looks like you're in some hot water with the fat cats over at Big Shorts. Watch yourselves.


    Someone needs to tell Kremer that Jason is trying to force government pants on people right in the midst of summah.


    On a personal note, I'm living in the south temporarily, and if it weren't for shorts that showed off my disgusting legs I might be dead. Also I'd rather look at disgusting legs than see people in pants with sweaty crotches. But I 100% agree with Paul that sandals are repellent and should be banned in public spaces.

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