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  1. Bump:


    To the posters above me who said this is a good movie you are crazy. This movie is the Indiana Jones IV/ Star Trek V of the Mad Max series. The biggest problem with this movie was that it took two really great movie ideas, cut them in half, then spliced the front half of one to the back half of the other to make one piece of shit.


    The turn where it goes from Barter Town to Lil' Lamplight is a huge wtf shift.


    I'd say it's more the Star Trek 3 of the Mad Max series. It's not as good as Road Warrior or Fury Road and it has some plot structure issues, but it's still got great stuff in it. The Mad Max series has thankfully been spared a Star Trek V.

  2. I do stand by my point overall that it's obnoxious when actors actually do bag on their own films when, in the grand scheme of things, being able to be an actor successful enough to make a living at it is something a lot of people would kill for so just be grateful. However, it was not right of me to take his offhand comment and use it as a soapbox to air my own personal agenda. That was my bad. I'll try to keep it positive from here on out.


    Don't sweat it! I totally get where you're coming from. I also don't like actors just turning on their own work to look above it all. But I also think it's fine when actors have a sense of humor about movies they've been in. For example, Harrison Ford is good at poking fun of his projects without seeming like a complete dick.

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  3. Sorry to be a pedant, but "Milennial" has a very specific definition: someone who came of age, or turned 18, after the turn of the milennium; thus, anybody born in or since 1982. As far as "trans-milennial," well, I suppose that term might be a little more loosely defined. ;)


    There is no commonly agreed upon start date for Millennials. Some academics use 1980, some use 1982 and others go as far as 1985.

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  4. I had no idea that name mispronunciations were such a bugbear for HDTGM fans. You've been put on notice, Mr. Dangerously! IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME...


    RE: Mylah's acting, I've never been too impressed with her as she never seemed capable of emoting anything beyond unaffected, but I have noticed a steeper decline in her last few films, which also just so happens to coincide with the time she's been with Ashton Kutcher. COINCIDENCE? Probably.

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  5. One thing that drove me nuts was how Dr. Bill's house was decorated. Who has a 4'x6' portrait of a cat in their house? This movie was constantly reminding me that the 80's were the tackiest decade of this generation.


    You mean the 90s?

  6. I know it's a break with protocol and 2nd Opinions is always sourced from Amazon, but boy, some of the Google Play reviews for this thing are gold.


    Like this guy:


    5 Stars

    IT KICKED BUTT &TOOK NAMES!!! This movie Rocked. It left me wanting more. The action & special effects were A+. The script may have needed A few touch ups, but other than that this is what I expect from a Wachowski MOVIE... I mean THIS IS WHY I GO TO THE MOVIES.




    Then there's this guy, who I am pretty sure is just straight up threatening to kill everyone:

    the movie itself is fine, but I am just about fed up with communist references or immigration idiocy fed to me by some activist producer. There really is no point in arguing with you, the masses, who no doubt think its great! I hope, soon, there will come a time, when these promoted ideals will be dealt with in a HARSH way. Hollywood, you are unwittingly creating a lot of activists, and not the friendly kind


    Also there are a ton of reviews praising it and talking about how terrible Guardians of the Galaxy was. YOINKS.

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  7. However, to address the topic at hand, of the original three movies, I think the Lost World is the weakest. I remember when I saw the third in the theater and thinking at the time that it was utter garbage, but now I appreciate it for what it is--a standard, goofy action movie.


    That 3rd one is just so damn saccharine and corny. For all the plot issues that Lost World has (and it has them in spades) it just doesn't irritate me nearly as much as JP3. I rewatched them all over the weekend, and JP3 was the only one I had to turn off.

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    The AV Club wrote a big article about the differences between the book and the movie. Another example: Hammond is the villain, so much so that he doesn't care in the slightest when his grandchildren are in danger.


    I read the book a long time ago, but I remember that element. I also remember that the lawyer character in the book was actually kind of heroic and regrets his involvement in the whole thing. I think in the movie they basically took all of Hammond's negative character traits and threw them into the lawyer. I also seem to remember Hammond getting eaten by the tiny little dinos from Lost World in the novel.

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  9. Apparently, the producers of the Netflix Daredevil listened to the episode, as they appear to have taken June's suggestion that Matt get his powers from just being really dedicated to being blind.


    I'm pretty sure they outright say in the Netflix show he got the power from the radioactive chemicals in the truck.



    One of the most magical moments of Law and Order I can remember is when Elizabeth Rohm's character is getting fired from being an ADA and out of fucking nowhere she throws out the line "is this because i'm a lesbian?"


    Yeah, as I recall that infuriated just about everyone. They had never once hinted that she was gay, and her departing line on the show is basically, 'PS I'M GAY PEACE OUT'.

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  11. And how about when the cops come to question someone, the people NEVER stop what they're doing to just answer questions. They literally can't stop working for two minutes. If they're an artist, they're painting. If they're a construction foreman, they're walking around a site and barking out orders. If they're a surgeon and they're doing a heart transplant, they're doing it WHILE being a snarky asshole to Chris Meloni or whoever.


    I think it's a distant cousin to Sorkin's walk-and-talk. Plus they think the audience are idiots and wont understand that someone is a construction site foreman unless he's holding a giant blueprint and screaming at people to reinforce girders.


    I will fully admit that I am an OG Law & Order addict.

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