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  1. They were favors in that he actually directed those movies. I think he got Fury Road just on the fact that they got him to direct the Babe sequel.


    Believe it or not, he was really passionate about making both the Babe movies and the Happy Feet movies. Babe wasn't Miller doing a favor for a studio, it was a studio doing a favor for Miller.

  2. Ok, I'll step up to the public mockery and admit I use Redbox from time to time. Sometimes Netflix takes a looooong time to get certain releases and Redbox is still pretty damn cheap (like 1.50 for a Bluray).


    You also have to remember that not everyone has high speed internet. I'm temporarily living in an area with awful internet services, and when I watch stuff on Hulu/Amazon/Netflix it's guaranteed to stutter & freeze about 50% of the time.

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    Those favors he banked were called Babe: Pig in the City and Happy Feet 1 & 2.


    I don't think so. Happy Feet was a hit for sure, but Babe 2 & Happy Feet 2 both had a major critical dropoff and didn't make nearly the same money their predecessors did (Babe 2 lost money).


    I think the only reasonable conclusion we can reach is George Miller is a master hypnotist.

  4. Finally had time to see this and was totally blown away. I really do want to know how this got made, because it seems to me this was a risk that a studio like Warner Bros would normally run as far away from as possible. I have to assume Miller has just been slowly but surely banking favors over the last 30 years and called them all in. That or he has really good blackmail files on several WB execs.


    I also found it interesting that despite the R rating Miller shied away from the blood & gore. Most of the violent deaths are implied or off screen, other than *SPOILERS* Immortan Joe. And even his rather grisly death goes by very quickly (like blink and you'll miss it quickly).

  5. Haha, I like this movie. It pisses off all of my friends.


    Say what you will about it, this shot from Contact is cool as hell:



    I love the opening shot too, with the transmissions getting older as the camera pulls farther out


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  6. This "horror" movie doesnt get its first death till like an an hour and twenty in. The only good thing about this movie is the set design.


    I'd say they were trying to make a good old-fashioned haunted house movie (which I'd argue they do well for the first hour) so a body count isn't important (or necessary).


    But I absolutely agree about the set design, it is gorgeous.

  7. Its way too long to do. Not too mention its an otherwise okay movie aside from the bullshit ending and the part where they find out a second ball dropping machine also exists without anybody fucking knowing.


    And to be fair, both of those things are straight from the book.

  8. This movie is actually really solid for the first hour or so (which is generally CGI-free). They do a good job of building up the creepy atmosphere and Lili Taylor is really good at playing weird, damaged characters. But then you get to that CGI-heavy 2nd hour, and it all falls apart. My favorite part is Owen Wilson's death scene, where he defaces a painting of the ghost - despite being fully aware at that point that the ghost is real and probably wants to kill him - then gets sucked into the fireplace where a stone lion bites his head off.

  9. Every time I try to picture this movie I cross it with Enemy of the State.


    Probably because it is Enemy of the State, except instead of a shadowy government organization watching everything we do it has a super AI watching everything we do.

  10. This show was recorded in April, well before IFC moved the Comedy Bang Bang TV show to Thursday nights at 10:30 PM. Therefore, every time Scott mentions "Friday's episode":

    • Pause the podcast.
    • Tip your sunglasses forward and do a take to the camera.
    • In your most sarcastic voice, ask "Don't you mean Thursday's episode?"
    • Hold for audience applause.
    • Resume the podcast.


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    I think that he got sliced across the face because he was hunching down to dance with "Sucker Punch" girl...



    I want them to do this move SO BAD!!!


    That's what I thought, but if you re-watch that sequence he's not hunched over at all when the wire hits, and then just a little bit hunched over after everyone is on the ground.

  12. Can we talk about how Zeus is a psychotic father? Herc is bored at home so his dad banishes him from Mt. Olympus, sending him to the middle of the ocean! Then when he manically changes his mind and wants Herc to come back, but Herc refuses he seriously considers sending what is essentially an assassin after him to banish him to hell!


    This is a guy that sometimes turns himself into animals in order to rape women, so I don't think he's what you'd call reasonable to begin with.

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  13. Omission: there's a lot of lines in this movie that are baffling to say the least but one that stood out the most to me wasn't mentioned. When Hercules is talking to the ship captain he for no reason says "it's alright, I'm democratic." What the fuck is that suppose to mean??? I can't imagine any of Arnold's lines were improvised. Aubrey Wisberg's dialogue comes off like a homeless guy talking to himself outside Port Authority.


    It had something to do with Hercules not calling the captain sir, because he goes on to explain that no man is greater than Hercules. Honestly, I figured it was the writer thinking he was being clever because Greece was the birthplace of democracy. I could just picture him at his typewriter thinking to himself, 'Boy, I'd better show people I know history, otherwise they won't take this thing seriously!'.


    Initially, I thought maybe the idea was Hercules was saying he believed so strongly in direct democracy and rule by the people that he was saying he wouldn't submit to the rigid precepts of a military hierarchy because no man is greater than another, but then he says, 'No man is greater than Hercules' and I realized he's just being a jerk and refuses to show the captain any respect because he's Hercules, which makes the line about being democratic totally pointless.

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  14. I'm 34, and I'm surprised by how many people I waited on at my theater that seemed to be in my general age group or a little younger that had no idea what "Red Dawn" was, much less that it was a remake, which I just can't understand at all. As a child of the 80's with cable, the original "Red Dawn" was on at least twice a day for what I would guess was a solid decade. Even if you don't think you've seen "Red Dawn", I guarantee you that you HAVE seen it at least 14 times. I recently saw it for the first time in a very long time, and I don't think I even remembered about two-thirds of it, but I'm sure that I knew it by heart when I was 10.


    I'm in the same age group as you and I have honestly never seen it. But I've also never seen Top Gun, so I know I'm an outlier.


    I'm sure I've seen most of the key scenes thanks to clip shows, however.

  15. I feel like there were a bunch of these movies to come out at the same time. (or, I just watched them at the same time.)

    I know this isn't the one with the computers taking over the ship, is this the one that's upside down, or the one where the tentacle monster sucks a lady into a toilet, or a different one? (I'm also guessing it's not somehow also speed 2.)


    This isn't any of those. This is the one where they're all dancing and the wire winds too tight and snaps and slices everyone in half.


    Is it really a stretch when they're both from the exact same writers? If JK Rowling wrote another book featuring grim reapers who sucked out your soul and an undead ghoul for a villain with a pet lizard who needed the hero's body to come back to life, would it really be a stretch to say she was running low on ideas? Would you rebut that comparison with, "Ghostbusters had ghosts too! Checkmate!"?


    Let's not lose sight of calling Prometheus a terrible movie.


    No, but that's a way more specific example. On the other hand, if I said Ghostbusters 2 was just like Harry Potter because they both featured undead villains that needed a child's body to come back to life, I imagine I'd get some solid side eye.


    The polar bear is white and the Engineer is kinda white (more translucent gray I'd say). Unless you're seeing a similarity beyond a color scheme, I'm going to maintain that it's a tenuous connection.


    And I never thought Prometheus was a terrible movie, just a movie that doesn't quite work because it's trying to be two different things.

  17. A lot of people who wrote for Lost wrote for this.


    Lost: big white polar bear and formless black smoke monster

    Prometheus: big white alien and formless black oil



    If we're going to make those kind of stretches than I might as well say


    Prometheus: big white alien and formless black oil

    Big Hero 6: big white robot and villain with formless black microbot smoke

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