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    But like Shariq said, there just aren't very many black filmmakers around. Several of my friends don't like Tyler Perry but they still see his movies because they want to support a studio that gives black actors a shot. Even in terrible roles.


    We definitely need more black filmmakers. Perry's stuff may not be outright racist, but it is sexist. And homophobic. It would be nice if we had a greater number of successful black filmmakers out there so that people wouldn't feel compelled to support Perry when even they admit he's awful. Like Jeremy said, 'That shit is depressing'.


    It seems like back in the 90s there was a much bigger black presence in entertainment, at least on TV. We had Martin, Living Single, In Living Color, Roc, etc. And they were all popular network shows. It's like in the 2000s we stepped backward for some reason.

  2. When you remember the events of the first movie, it really makes Franco's Oz the worst human being ever. Not only did he seduce and exploit what appeared to be a mildly autistic, emotionally damaged woman, but after causing her to be deformed and exiled, he sent someone to murder her in exile.


    Also, given how much the Munchkins helped out in the war for the emerald city, it seemed kind of callous to just allow the Witch of the East to take over Munchkinland and enslave the populace.



    Well, to be fair it was really her sister that caused her to be deformed and exiled. But yeah, I had a kind of fundamental objection to the story framing Oz (the Wizard) as the hero in the first place. He travels to a magical land with 3 super powerful, badass witches and they're all waiting around for an incompetent male con artist to save them? The Oz books all had really strong female protagonists (Baum was an early and almost unheard of Male Feminist) so it did rub me the wrong way that they made the witches kind of weak. Glinda & Evanora seemed to see through him for most of the story (though Glinda still needed him, for nebulous reasons), but then in the end Glinda & the Wizard have that kiss and you're sort of led to believe there's a romantic angle. Kunis' Theodora is essentially portrayed as an idiot that falls in love after 5 minutes. The movie didn't seem to spend much time developing its female characters, all so we could root for Oscar, a lying philanderer who just wants to be adored.


    Like I said earlier, I actually found the movie enjoyable for the most part (and it's certainly not HDTGM bad), but it felt like they hadn't fully considered some of the unfortunate implications in their script choices.

  3. IIRC, RDJ actually said this was one of the movies that inspired his whole 'full retard' speech. It's a terrible movie, another one in a long line of 'developmentally disabled people are MAGIC' stories.


    That said, I think doing this one would be really tricky. There's a fine line between making fun of Sean Penn for over-committing and just making fun of people with disabilities.

  4. Wasn't there some... thing between her and Cage? At least some tension? Maybe between her and one of the older ladies in the town? Perhaps I'm mis-remembering the movie, but forgive me, it's pretty insane.


    There's a point where she seems to indicate she wants him to take her with him, but it's more of a 'Please help me escape this cult' thing than a romantic interest. Of course, in view of later plot developments that scene really makes no sense, as it's clear she doesn't want to escape. But that's Wickerman logic for you.

  5. a great tv show that i really love is the UK version of Sherlock. It's like night and day better then the us version. and its only 3 episodes to a season but each one is so well done it's like a mini movie. I'd rather have less good tv then hours of drag it on forever style tv making.


    I get what you're saying here, and I love Sherlock, but I also really like Elementary (the US version). They are two totally different shows. Both do unique things with the material.

  6. Random Thought: What is it about Leelee Sobieski that gets her cast as a young girl involved in a weird and creepy sexual relationship with an older man? There's this (her and Liotta), 88 Minutes, The Wickerman, Eyes Wide Shut, and probably others that I haven't seen. Even if on-screen fucking (*blech*) never occurs in those movies, there's still a half-assed attempt at a gross kind of sexual tension.


    Wait, what was her creepy sexual relationship with an older man in Wickerman?