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  1. They were actually planning on making a sequel but it never came together. I think MGM owned the rights, but then they went into bankruptcy so who knows. I doubt they could make anything as good and weird as the first one so it's probably for the best.


    Buckaroo actually reminds me a bit of Doctor Who, they both kind of drop you off into the middle of the story and assume you can catch up.


    I don't think that not giving the audience a hint of the twist is necessarily a bad thing in this case. I think that in High Tension, the intent was to give you a feel of what the main character experienced, one of the elements being confusion, and there would be no way to give the viewer confusion and tell them what's going on at the same time. I think that you could say the same about some of David Lynch's works like Mulholland Drive, which simply wouldn't work the same if the viewer hadn't experienced some confusion at some point throughout the movie.


    Yeah, but it's not like Lynch's films make sense and then suddenly get weird in the last 5 minutes. You know what you're getting in a Lynch movie. You know some thought has gone into it, regardless of whether those thoughts make sense. High Tension just didn't know how to end and so they go for a twist that comes out of nowhere and completely nullifies everything you've seen up until that point. It just doesn't work for me.

  3. Ugh, I hope they don't do Indy 4. Everything that can be said about that movie has already been said a thousand times.


    I voted for Troll 2, because it's a classic, and somehow We Hate Movies and The Flop House haven't covered it yet.


    Agreed on both counts. I don't ever want to see Indy 4 again, not even to make fun of it.


    That was a movie based on a PBS cartoon made for children. This is a 200 milion dollar blockbuster w/ decent stars and Raimi behind it... Kind of hard to compare. But, I don't think this film deserves the HDTGM treatment.


    I'm not comparing the two, I'm just saying that movie almost killed me. Even my niece was bored. Especially sad since it was the last thing John Ritter worked on before he died.

  5. I will note, to contextualize my statement, that I love the Sleepaway Camp twist, and think it's actually a brilliant movie. I have loved it since childhood though, so that might be sentimentality speaking.


    The thing is, Sleepaway Camp actually lays a foundation for that ending. Yes, the movie is ridiculous but they clearly had that ending in mind all along. Same with Sixth Sense or Usual Suspects, etc. High Tension, on the other hand, gives the audience absolutely no opportunity to suss out this ending, as it goes against every single thing you see in the movie up until that point. That's why it bugged me. It was a cheat.

  6. I agree Kunis was awful, though I really didn't think Franco was that bad. He was supposed to be insincere, so it worked for me. Franco is Franco.


    90% of the "effects" were characters pretending to walk in front of greenscreens with watercolor,paintings on them.


    This describes pretty much any movie with CGI. I didn't see anything here that was especially bad. The China Girl, for example, was pretty freaking great in terms of visual effects.


    I dunno, it's a kids movie, and as far as kid's movies go I really didn't find it that egregious.

  7. Really? I saw this yesterday and while it had problems, I don't think the effects were an issue (other than the fact that they were overdone). Mila Kunis was indeed quite bad, but otherwise it really wasn't too terrible. The kids in the theater loved it.


    And I have to say, flying baboons are terrifying regardless of whether they are CGI or dudes in costumes.