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    It was fun, but I think it could have been better if they didn't try so hard to play it off as fact.


    To be fair, every movie 'based on true events' uses dramatic license with the facts. It's not like The Untouchables or LA Confidential are going to get awards for accuracy any time soon.

  2. I think that's supposed to be a poster. If it's a mirror it makes no sense, because at the angle it's at it couldn't possibly reflect anyone *in* the closet. Plus the light in the closet is on, why would the killer be cloaked in darkness in a lit area? I mean, this movie is terrible nonsense so it's possible but oi.

  3. This has come up several times before, but I think the problem with Sandler movies is that they are so knowingly and deliberately awful that it just wouldn't be that fun to deconstruct them. They're made because they make money, and anyone attending a Sandler film knows what they're in for (just like someone that goes to a Tyler Perry movie).


    It's also been pointed out that they might avoid them because they have industry friends that appear in them (many people have put forth the idea that The Smurfs episode was taken down because Jayma Mays became a guest star on The League). I don't know if that's true, but they do work in the industry and probably have to tread somewhat carefully.

  4. I saw this one in the theater and seem to remember the English dubbing to be particularly bad. The twist ending is ridiculous nonsense, but the problem is the rest of the movie plays it all straight and none of the actors are outright bad. The whole show would have to be about the ending, really.

  5. Yeah, I think one of the things that helps the original is being set in the jungle, it doesn't necessarily put it in any specific time period. Putting the action in downtown LA with rival Jamaican voodoo gangs was an utterly bizarre story choice.


    It made its money back, but it was considered a big failure based on the success of the first one.