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    I made it about halfway through 'cause I loves me some Kuku & WieWie, but that's as far as I could go before I had to go look at pictures of dogs wearing hipster glasses. But hey, we'll have a live Whooch with PFT tomorrow and that will surely be a delight.

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  2. I concur. This movie is perfect for HDTGM. Joe Don Baker! Tim Curry as a Romanian count doing a Dracula impression by way of Egypt! A young Laura Linney looking lost and confused the entire movie! Also animatronic apes. Oh, and Bruce Campbell appears for 5 seconds.

  3. I actually like this film, but it does deserve discussion because it is absolutely insane. There's a toy war, Joan Cusack is a robot, there's some kind of sentient water demon toy, Michael Gambon plays a crazy military commander. LL Cool J is Robin William's cousin, etc. Plus the movie wildly switches tone from one minute to the next, it will be a family-friendly fantasy and then suddenly get really adult. I think at one point Robin Williams has sex with Robin Wright. It's nutso.

  4. Yeah, it was not a subtle film. It also kind of felt like a 'bottle episode' of a sci-fi/fantasy show - one of those episodes where there isn't much of a budget so they have to contain the action to one set. I don't think they ever leave the apt complex, except to go to the pool. It all felt rushed and poorly thought out.

  5. Krull is amazing-bad while Beastmaster is laugh-out-loud bad (Marc Singer & Tanya Roberts deserve lifetime achievement awards from the Razzies), but I think Ladyhawke is actually solid b-grade fantasy. All the key players are solid actors as well as charming, Michelle Pfiefer looks amazing, and John Wood makes for a particularly nasty antagonist. It's also beautifully shot.


    I guess I'm the 80's fantasy defender tonight! ;)

  6. Well, I'm going to be the odd one out on this one and say I fucking love this movie. I tend to like Tom Cruise best when he's playing against type (in things like this and Interview With A Vampire), so I enjoyed him in this. It's not a perfect movie, but I think it has a lot of redeeming elements.



    At the beginning they are supposed to be lost in some giant forest but they are clearly in a very small studio and just running back and forth and uuuuuuugggghhhh.



    Actually, they filmed those scenes on 5 massive soundstages. The fake trees were 60ft high! If you ever have the opportunity I recommend watching some of the making-of special features, they show how amazing that set actually was. I can understand the movie not being everyone's cup of tea obviously, but the production design on that film is pretty amazing.


    But no way is it worse than Willow, which is just George Lucas ripping off The Hobbit.

  7. I never saw this film in the 80's.. same goes for flash gorden. Yet I got the sound track by queen for some odd reason to this day I don't know why.


    You definitely need to see Flash Gordon. That movie is amazing. Very deliberately campy and fun.

  8. if it was a podcast, you could try downcast podcast software and search for Paul Giamatti it will in return show you all of the podcasts he has been on. it is if it was a podcast.


    I really like that this software program or app as it's called, it's for mobile phones and ipads.


    I'll have to look into that, but I thought this was an interview on a chat show. I may have just dreamed the whole thing as some kind of wish-fulfillment.

  9. My one complaint with the show is that they didn't talk about the fact that Randy Quaid-Bot was 63 YEARS OLD! WHY WOULD ANYONE INVENT ROBOTS THAT AGE? DEBUNKED!


    But I think that's a testament to how completely, mind-shatteringly confusing this movie was. I loved that even when there were only 30 seconds left in the show the gang was STILL uncovering plot holes. They really captured the infuriating anger that results from watching this movie. And the guests were great. Love St. Claire.


    They did get into this, though. Quaid was 'a '63', not 63 years old. As in, he was made in 2063. I think Lennon brought up the fact that we never see any more of his model, and it was explained that Eddie Murphy kept him around because he had '20 years of secrets', so presumably all the other Randy Quaid robots were retired. Why they made the robot look old in the first place is a real mystery...