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  1. I don't think it's a terrible movie, but it was definitely a let down after the first one. And it's worth noting that literally no one wanted to make it - Aykroyd, Ramis, Murray & Reitman all thought it was a bad idea. The tone is off and Peter MacNicol's character is basically just Rick Moranis' character all over again, except creepier. There's also a lack of any genuine scares. It's a sort of frustrating near miss that is still very watchable. I think it could make for a fun episode.

  2. The first question I ask myself for any suggestion for the show is, "Will this make for a fun episode?", and the answer on this is a resounding "NO!". I just don't think there's any fun to be mined here, and I don't think anyone is going to enjoy watching it with comedy in mind. It goes beyond "so upsetting".

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  3. Look, I'm just saying there was no reason to change the theme song. The old theme was just fine. Just because some re+arded fan made it doesn't mean you have to use it. This new, stupid rap theme is the New Coke to the old theme's Coca-Cola Classic. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, you know.


    And I have a right not to like rap music, OK? I'm sick of having it shoved down my throat everywhere I go. And we wonder why the dumbing-down of America is happening.



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  4. I think the 2nd one would be the one to go with. The first *is* extremely dark but I think it works as a sort of Twilight Zone-y parable about grief and temptation. Fun fact: George Ramero was set to make the original but had to pull out because he was too busy making Monkey Shines.


    I recall that every time there was an establishing shot of their house, a semi-truck would pass by on the road, making it seem like they lived on a road mostly used by commercial truckers rather than someplace sensible like a suburban neighborhood.


    I was right there with you on thinking that situation was a little ridiculous until I moved to a very similar road where truckers (and just about everyone else) also barrel down with seemingly no awareness of the residential setting. I get nervous just checking my mailbox.


    See, I have to respectfully disagree. I think Armen is doing a grotesque Woody Allen impersonation with -10000 the talent ( and hopefully -10000 the molestation). It's like someone locked young Armen in a room and made him watch every Woody Allen movie on loop for days, A Clockwork Orange-style. The result being Armen forever linking nebbish to funny.


    Poor guy. When you think about it like that, it's really not his fault, huh? The monster is the one who showed them those Woody Allen movies.


    Or maybe his dad was a lawyer for The Muuuurpheee Grrroup?

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  6. I love all of you guys, but I also love Armen. As far as I'm concerned, he's just Howard with -900 confidence points.


    Wherever Howard was, I am confident that when Armen uttered the word 'motherly' he instinctively cried out, 'JESUS ARMEN!', and then went back to whatever he was doing.

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  7. This would be a fun choice for the Halloween episode. Incest, cannibalism, white supremacy, a gimp suit and Angela's dysfunctional best friend from My So-Called Life...this movie has it all!


    It's not a bad movie and it certainly wasn't a flop (it made $30+ million on a $6 million budget), but it's totally fascinating and would provide plenty of discussion fodder.



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  8. http://variety.com/2...eer-1201480531/



    The first slate of projects to be produced under Fox’s multiplatform deal with “Burning Love” team Keith Quinn and Jonathan Stern’s Abominable Pictures includes at least one very search engine-friendly title: “Filthy Sexy Teen$,” which received an eight-episode order and will have its global premiere on YouTube multichannel network Fullscreen in North America.


    The half-hour comedy centers on two wealthy teen siblings who return home after being thought lost at sea and attempt to reclimb the high school social ladder. It is created by Curtis Gwinn (“NTSF:SD:SUV::,” “The Walking Dead”), Paul Scheer (“Fresh Off the Boat,” “The League”) and Stern.


    “We are pleased to announce this first slate of projects, which are a direct result of the unique creative freedom and flexibility of this venture,” said Quinn and Stern. “The talented creators we are working with see the benefit in being able to shoot something right away without a long development process. A finished piece often represents a show better than a pitch or a script can.”


    The full slate is listed below, although Fox notes that an additional wave of production is scheduled for the coming months.


    “Filthy Sexy Teen$”

    Two wealthy teen siblings, thought to be lost at sea, return home and attempt to re-climb the high school social ladder in this half-hour comedy. Created by Gwinn (“NTSF:SD:SUV::,” “The Walking Dead”), Scheer (“Fresh Off The Boat,” “The League”) and Stern (“Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” “Childrens Hospital,” “Burning Love”). Quinn (“Burning Love,” “Jackass 3.5,” “LXD”) and Stern serve as executive producers with Gwinn and Scheer.


    “Drive Share”

    With an all-star comedic cast that includes Rob Huebel (“Despicable Me,” “AXE COP”) and Scheer, “Drive Share” follows a group of drivers as they shuttle strangers, and their problems, around town. Created by Huebel and Scheer. Stern, Quinn, Huebel and Scheer are executive producers.


    “Criminal Records”

    One record label has taken it upon itself to fix the music industry: Criminal Records. It’s run by Jace (Brooks Gray, “The Amazing Gayl Pile,” “Cock’d Gunns”) and Lyle (Morgan Waters, “The Amazing Gayl Pile,” “Cock’d Gunns”), two out-of-touch music execs who see themselves as the saviors of rock ’n’ roll. Created by Gray and Waters and exec produced along with Quinn, Stern, Scheer and Becca Kinskey (“Childrens Hospital,” “Adult Swim Late Night Infomercials”).


    “Grand Marquee”

    Jerry Minor (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Black-ish”) depicts an old-school rapper struggling both to regain relevancy in the hip-hop world and to maintain a relationship with his son – as told through the lens of a Danish news program. Created by Jerry Minor and John Matta (“The Martin Short Show,” “Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge”) who will exec produce, along with Quinn, Stern and Scheer.

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  9. I remember there was one of the Blade movies, it was either this one or #2 they made a big big big deal about how hard the villain would be to defeat and then Blade comes in and with one slash of the sword cuts him in half, it was such an anti-climactic resolultion.


    That's definitely not 2 as *SPOILERS* the 'bad guy' in that one ultimately kills himself.