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  1. Seriously, this movie needs the HDTGM treatment. It features so many HDTGM staples: Ridiculous Cage, inconsistent accents, elaborate villain deaths, etc. Plus, it ends on a stinger where Steve Buscemi escapes and we're supposed to laugh and cheer, despite the fact that we are told in the movie that he has murdered 37 people.

  2. The main thing I remember is that the headlights turned with the steering wheel (so, basically, they'd always point in the same direction as the front wheels rather than the body, which would be better for curves/turns), which seems like a good idea, but must not be since no one has done it since. But that would definitely qualify as a pretty revolutionary idea, so Howard's point was valid even if he had the specifics wrong.


    I just read up on it, and apparently they installed a third headlight on the hood. So the other lights were stationary, but when the car made turns at a certain angle the center light would activate and follow the turn. But apparently there were laws against a car having more than 2 headlights, so they designed a special cover for it. Wild stuff.

  3. Yeah, there's a difference between crazy as a choice and crazy due to a bizarre logic. There are different kinds of movies that work for the show. Bad movies, obviously, but then there's films that are crazy. But those film aren't crazy in thought provoking ways (at least the way the artist intended to provoke thought). It's why the only David Lynch film that might work is Dune (and that is debatable, I think), because it does have a craziness, its more about how the film's weirdness doesn't jive with the film itself (plus it's simply confusing and upsetting). And also, it helps that it has a lot of b-film elements.


    Yeah, Lynch's Dune straddles a weird line. It does have a b-movieness to it, but it also features amazing set/production design. Lynch inserted some seriously odd stuff in there that was never present in the original text, and to this day a lot of it still has me scratching my head.



    Ugh...clearly I am too in over my head with this and from now on will remain silent on the suggestion front...


    Oh don't do that! I didn't mean to seem dismissive if that's how I came across. Just my opinion, which is hardly definitive in any way.

  5. Yep, this was amazing.




    That was definitely it. Granted, it's been ~15 years since I've seen that movie, but I don't think there were electric (or any sort of alternatively fueled) cars involved.


    I only remember because I saw a museum exhibit on Tucker which featured a Tucker Torpedo (I believe that's what the car was called). It was a beautiful car, pretty futuristic for the time I think.

  6. I had a feeling after I posted this that I was going to ruffle film buffs feathers ...geez


    I'll redirect any possible Cronenberg Fan's wrath to me by saying I think he's at his best when adapting other people's work (and being reigned in by collaborators). His body horror films hold no interest for me whatsoever. But I think it's hard to argue that The Fly, The Dead Zone, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises aren't exceptionally well done films.

  7. The only problem I see with She's All That is that it's so infamous and representative of bad teen romcoms that it has basically become the definitive formula. Hot girl who is ugly because she wears glasses, douche-y dudebro who learns the meaning of love by dating her, empty-headed blonde cheerleader vs intellectual brunette...there are no actual characters in the movie, just archetypes. It's such well-worn territory that I'm not sure it would be that much fun to pick apart.