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  1. I know this will upset everyone but this is probably my least favorite ep of this podcast so far, and I'm a huge fan of the podcast in general. It's more of just a rehash of the whole movie instead of the typical disgust, disdain, and general bewilderment shown by the hosts. I guess I just expected to laugh more since the movie was so ridiculous....


    I heard an abundance of disgust, disdain and general bewilderment.

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  2. Ahhh, this was great! I hope they keep drifting even farther from the original premise. The Phish stuff was great, but I love the idea of swapping out hosts and getting into even more tangentially-related subjects.


    RE: The USS Indianapolis - they got the date wrong, but otherwise Quint's account is apparently pretty close. Another thing they got wrong was that a distress signal was sent, but it was ignored by 3 different listening posts. The Navy denied a signal was ever sent and it didn't come to light until decades later when declassified documents were finally released to the public. So I imagine Spielberg was going on the best info he had available at the time.

  3. Harris was on Whooch this week and he & Howard were joking about doing another one where Harris tries to get Howard to like Phish. I did not get the impression that any more Jaws episodes were in the works


    I was clearly wrong. Thank goodness!

  4. I'm not even five and a half minutes in and I have to turn this off, I am laughing way too hard to work. If it gets better then that Biscotti bit I may die from laughing.


    Then prepare to die!




    That came out more menacing than I intended...

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  5. It depends on how you watched the show. The original (broadcast) episodes were rife with great music, but the DVDs reportedly had many segments altered or dropped altogether due to music licensing issues.


    Ahh, that makes sense. They had similar music-clearance issues with Daria. The first time I watched it on DVD I thought, 'Wait, this isn't right...'. I did catch some Jackass episodes on initial broadcast, but I guess it was such a long time ago I just don't remember much about them. Other than the butt-stapling, toilet-launching, etc.


    Oh, and Bam Margera assaulting his dad on the toilet. I also remember that.

  6. I definitely felt some folks made it personal with Steve-O, which was unnecessary. I took issue with some of the things he said, as I find the show he is currently hosting to be morally questionable, but I don't think he's a bad person. His voice is pretty rough on the ears, but there's not much he can be expected to do about that.


    I will say that I found his behavior/mannerisms very familiar, having had a fair amount of time around former drug addicts. The folks that seemed to do best in terms of their recovery were the ones that found something to fill the space that drugs once did. And once they found that thing (or things), they became very, very passionate about it. They could be overwhelming at times. Steve-O seems like an emotionally 'extreme' guy to begin with, so I imagine with recovery that might be amplified.


    And obviously every Whooch can't be gold like with Zouks or St Clair or STEVEN. BRODY. STEVENS. YEAH! The great thing about Whooch is that there's always another one around the corner, so if you don't like one there's a Twooch or a Whooch coming soon to clean your palate.

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  7. I really like it when people are positive and don't just decide to shit on everything. Admit that you love pop music and The Hunger Games if that's what you love. I do!


    I'll agree with you there. It's why I don't really like the idea of 'guilty pleasures' - you either like something or you don't, you shouldn't feel compelled to justify it.

  8. I found it very interesting that in the discussion about Killer Karaoke that Steve spent a great deal of time talking about cruelty to animals, and never once acknowledged that the entire show is basically cruelty as entertainment. Yes, the contestants presumably signed up for it, but it doesn't make the show any less reprehensible.

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  9. Ok, this is an example of thinking too deeply about a dumb movie, but I've always had a weird soft spot for this, so bear with me.


    it seemed like Pacino-Devil had pinned all his hopes on Keanu to father the Antichrist. Yet we know he impregnated at least one other woman, thus Connie Nielsen, his daughter (assuming she was human and not a demon or something). Why not hedge his bets and go out and impregnate a bunch of women? Why could he only father one son at a time? And why wouldn't his son, Keanu, be the Antichrist? Why did it have to be his grandson? Did the Antichrist have to be a pure-blood? Was Keanu a muggle?


    Also, I was confused as to why he just sort of walked out of Keanu's life after he was conceived, but seemed to be involved in Connie Nielsen's life for some time. Didn't she have Free Will? Why was only Keanu's choice important? Is there some kind of weird misogynist message there? Women are getting raped left and right in this movie and seem to exist solely as temptations, so I'm just not sure what to make of that. Even Charlize's character isn't necessarily 'good' even though they seem to present her that way, since she seems totally aware of the guilt of Keanu's pedo client and in the rebooted universe still questions why he's doing the right thing. Oi...

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