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  1. Woohoo! One of my favorite bad movies, ever. I was a little nervous about this because I knew it was recorded at the same time as the Anaconda episode and I felt that one lacked the usual energy. Glad to see my worries were unfounded! I'm also glad Paul pointed out the weird racial stuff. Poor Delroy Lindo, it's weird to think he was probably shooting this around the same time as A Life Less Ordinary.


    And June Diane Raphael, don't you ever stop doing what you do.

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  2. Love you guys!


    But yeah, the '-um' thing is considered offensive. It's the equivalent of saying 'ching-chong' when describing Chinese speakers. There's even an old Seinfeld episode that addresses it when Jerry tries to date a Native American woman and unintentionally keeps using offensive slang around her (he even says, 'We smoke-um peace pipe!' at one point).

  3. I think we can all agree that Chris Gore was the worst guest.


    Fairly certain this was who both of them immediately thought of when he mentioned it (you could tell they had someone in mind - at least Kulap did), but they're both just too nice to say it.

  4. Jeff Garlin is the drunk host at a party who has this incredibly receptive audience just because he invited everyone. They really only laugh because he could introduce them to Larry David.




    That being said, I fucking love James Adomian.


    Jeff's laugh is so damn delightful, though.

  5. I thought it was stranger that Frederick Douglass wasn't in Lincoln, since he was so heavily involved in that process. The entire movie takes place in Washington, DC, so that there weren't any slaves around made sense. But leaving Douglass out bugged me.


    Also, maybe Gabe just wasn't paying very close attention, but the movie is PG-13 and includes some pretty bloody scenes, including one where a soldier has his leg amputated, fields of dead bodies, etc.


    Damn I couldn't listen to the whole thing. Everyone was fantastic but Swardson really detracted from the whole thing. Every time he interjected it wasn't ruined the flow for me. I'm one of those people who avoids comics he's not a fan of rather than hate on them, Here I tried sitting through it since it's my fav podcast but I couldn't.


    Maybe I'll come back to it in a different state of mind where I can handle some swardson.



    I'm right there with ya. Swardson is decidedly not funny.


    Oh come on.. time to 'insta-snopes' this myth. 'Real Picture/Different context'. Those are pictures taken a full 8 months AFTER the release and surprise success of the film where they cast the first mould of the 'Angela Halloween Mask' for production.

    *duly noted: the pictures themselves show the actress approx a year older (significant time in puberty) AND you see the eyes of the halloween production mask, though pointing left are more centered.

    The original shows them far to the left.

    Myth busted!


    She looks the same age to me, and even has the blood going down her neck as in the final scene. Why would she have that blood makeup on again 8 months later? I also suspect that 3rd picture down is the male college student, as his nose is different from hers in the previous pictures.


    Ah see! There is the rub. We've got shots that are her, mixed in with shots that are the mask.


    Well, I assume the shots where she's not really saying anything and the boy body is visible are the mask, and the closeups of her face are her. It's kind of impressive given the time period the movie was made in and the minuscule budget. Plus the fact that people are still arguing about it 30 years later.