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  1. I was listening to this episode today and I felt I had to register to make this comment... Please, please, please, please, PLEASE work out your confusions about the plot beforehand if you're going to bicker and talk over each other for 10 minutes before actually getting to anything funny. I've loved your podcast ever since I discovered it, but all too often lately many episodes have been downright STRESSFUL to listen to. It's not fun, it's not enjoyable, and if it continues being a regular thing instead of a rare occasion, I can't listen anymore.


    I almost stopped and gave up a few times before it got good. That said, once the confusions were worked out, it was a great episode.


    To each their own, I was thoroughly entertained. I think this is one of the funniest episodes they've done.

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  2. Who cares that they didn't talk about the movie 'as much' this week? That happens with every director and actor they have as a guest. Smith's stories really added to this and I hope he comes back. The Bruce Willis tidbits I found particularly interesting. I never saw Cop Out, but I could see it definitely taking a hit in quality with someone half-assing it.


    To be fair, I don't believe previous director/actor specials failed to engage with the movie nearly as much as this one. I kind of felt like this was a special Kevin Smith episode, where they occasionally referred to the Wild Wild West. Like I said, I don't mind so much because there was some great stuff in there, but i can understand why someone else might not have enjoyed it (especially if they aren't Smith fans).

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  3. I think this episode exemplified for me what I love about the concept of How Did This Get Made; Jesse Falcon offered some real juicy industry insight as someone who has been involved with projects similar to the topic of discussion, and Matt Mira, as a fan, brought some clarity to the intention of Batman & Robin's muddled plotline. For me, HDTGM is at its worst when there are two or more people talking over one another, each adding little perspective versus opinion, and invariably, the wailing refrain "I don't understand this mooooooovie! / What is going onnnn?!" comes out, and that's when you know that the comedy is stuck in neutral and somebody's just padding. The plotline and character motivation in Batman & Robin are not the hard bits to figure out; the hows and whys of how it got there stylistically and come off so badly are the real reasons I'm a fan of HDTGM, and this episode is one I'll be pointing my friends to as an entry point for the show. Thanks, guys!

    It's funny, because one of my favorite things in the podcast is when a guest or (usually) Jason are completely broken by a terrible movie and just cry out to the movie gods asking 'WHY?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!'. I guess because I can completely empathize with that feeling, as some movies simply don't deserve intelligent discourse. It reminds me of those rare occasions on MST3K when Joel or Mike & the bots were driven over the edge by a particularly bad movie (e.g., Manos the Hands of Fate, Invasion of the Neptune Men, etc.).


    I actually thought this episode suffered a bit from Jason not being in the studio and June Diane being absent, but it was still quite good.