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  1. Much like June talked about John Cusack becoming an action star in this movie. This movie also caused a change for Colm Meaney? What was that change? The realisation that Colm Meaney needs to stay the fuck away from planes! He's in Con Air, shit happens to the plane.


    But, cast your mind back to a little film named "Die Hard 2: Die Harder"




    Stay the fuck away from the planes, Colm!


    That's because Colm belongs on a starship or a possibly a deep space station.

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  2. This falls into the same category as Nothing But Trouble (but obviously not as appalling) and other drab-looking shit from the early '90s: bad, but not in the fun way. Bad in a way that wears you out. You don't want to talk about how bad it is; you just want to put it behind you.


    I think it's unfair to compare *anything* to Nothing But Trouble. That 'movie' is its own category of sadistic torture.

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    if someone would of asked or inquired about my con air 3 poster.



    I had this sitting on my hard drive waiting to go..

    Con air 4 would've taken place in comic con. But I couldn't find enough photos of guys with wife beaters on and long blonde hair.


    The Trekkie inside me is just screaming at the fact that you used the wrong Enterprise.


    And I assume Con Air 5 would star a hair dryer.

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  4. This has always been my dream episode, but I don't hold my breath for it. And I can totally understand why they might not be comfortable doing it. Plus, it could be tricky now that Harold Ramis has passed away.


    But I can dream...

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  5. Just an FYI on Bridget Fonda. There was talk about where she might be and while it's easy to say she was just embarrassed about being in Lake Placid and decided to go into hiding, she was actually in a horrible car accident in 2003 and hasn't acted since.


    I think her retirement from acting had more to do with having a kid than that accident, though. She appears at events with Danny Elfman all the time.

  6. I don't think anyone's going to lose work over trashing "Piranha 3DD" though. Paul wasn't in much of it, but it'd be interesting to hear the differences between working on the first one, which was a fairly big production, and the second, which was more or less straight-to-VOD trash.


    True, but he's said flat-out he's not interested in an episode on it, so I don't think it's happening.

  7. I would still love to have a Director's Edition type of episode where each of our heroes talks about a bad movie they were personally involved in. I know it would be next-to-impossible because these guys have to keep working, but I still dream about a Year One episode or a Bride Wars episode.

  8. It's always hard when CBB has a lot of guests because someone is going to end up with less comedic air time. This time it was Claudia, which I agree is a bummer because I love her appearances. But according to my ears everyone was having a good time and being funny, so I am a happy camper. Plus Claudia had so many great little moments, my favorite of which was what seemed like genuine irritation that Torquil misidentified the SATC ladies' various career paths. And both Torquil and Amy seemed game for whatever was being thrown at them, which makes them C+ guests in my book.

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