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  1. andiemain

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    What a load of misogynist flimflammery. I guess it was cool to hear the skepticism... but, oh man, was this guy gross.
  2. andiemain

    Episode 96 — Character

    Normally I'm able to hold my composure pretty alright while listening to PB on the bus. But today? All bets were off. Name That Punky nearly killed me.
  3. andiemain

    Episode 79 — Elections

    I have to say, while i was sitting in my cubicle at my bank job, and I learned that I could never become the president? The saddest little tear rolled down my cheek.
  4. andiemain

    Episode 63 — Relationships

    god. fucking. dammit. My heart goes out to all of you guys.... and Tig's teets. I'm so glad that she has such a great group of friends for support. but how fucked is this?!
  5. andiemain

    Episode 52 — Tig is Back!

    mind hugs to everyone. thanks for making us all laugh so damn hard even when tragedy occurs.
  6. andiemain


    Hey Guys (and girls) I finished this last night in anticipation of the Best-Of ep airing today... So even though that didn't air, I thought I'd give a sneak peak before this peice gets added to website. Keep on Swamp Rockin in the free word andie main
  7. andiemain

    Episode 46 — Art

    I'd say that Chris Fairbanks nailed it. Pretentious/hippie art is waaaay too popular and it actually offends me when i see it. Which is frequently, since I live in Portland and everyone gets to be artists when they move here. I feel that in order to be "good" art requires talent. Talent is also another term for effort. *exits soap box* Great show today! I love farm animal noises more than what is probably healthy. Thanks for another hilarious hour.
  8. andiemain

    Episode 41 — Magic

    Swamp Rock seems to be getting darker as it matures, like a tween goth applying black nail polish for the 1st time
  9. andiemain

    Episode 32 — Power

    I really liked the guest today. Her knowledge was prolific and her sense of hunor matched really well. I thought she was an all around classy broad.
  10. andiemain

    Episode 26 — Love

    I was publicly proposed to- it involved liquor, a punk show, Halloween, and my partner's misguided attempt to resolve a fight. He got up on stage in-between bands, got a microphone and burbled out a drunken proposal. I didn't want to accept the proposal and i also didn't want to embarrass him (any further) so I said "uh... Ok?". 8 yrs later we are still together, unmarried. This ep was heart wrenching and amazing. Kind of like how love is.