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    Is "How can I download episodes behind the paywall for my friends who I want to convince to listen regularly?" the new "I want hemp to be legal because of the nice clothes created from it."? Thanks. I'll take my question off the air. Big fan.
  2. So I'm going through my backlog of podcasts and just blazing through Rafflecast. I finish Johnny Bananas Season 3 and when I get kicked back to the podcast list, Johnny's Bananas Season 4 is waiting for me to download it! To quote the great Keanu, "Whoa!" Hope to hear more from you, Jon Daly!!
  3. (Also, I did buy a Loot Crate subscription using the "handbook" code but only because the Dread Pirate Sean's Booty Crate site appeared to be down AND Andy didn't return my email. If I were your intern, I would return people's email. Just sayin'.)
  4. So I'm applying to the Variety ad looking for a new HH intern. This is the spot, right? I fulfill all the requested qualifications of not perving on the guests, not presuming guest sexual orientation and actually doing something to help Hayes and Sean continue to create this show in addition to their many MANY projects while making sure they get all the credit for any minuscule addition I might possibly add to the show. I do not have a famous father BUT I'm pretty sure that when Rob Reiner meets me, he will like me better than his actual son. Check out www dot troybabbs dot com for my stellar Web design. I know you two have Sean's cousin Sam to handle these things for you but maybe I can be of some help? Don't let my white-skinned, brown-haired look fool you! Diversity is awesome!
  5. I wish I knew I could have asked Lauren Lapkus questions because I would ask her all the questions and they would not be disgusting and perverted but befitting a lady. (Although I did like that Sean worked a little "blue" this ep...he knows when to turn it on and off.)
  6. byort

    Episode 38 — I Have 30 Companies

    Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa...people talk about some show named "Badly Breaking", but this "second-to-last show" bombshell is TRULY heart-attack inducing! Say it ain't so!! This humble listener who doesn't even deserve your greatness will most assuredly miss you! I came out of lurker status to say so. If the next episode is your final episode, I hope there will be more Nev bashing...I never get enough! Continue lighting the showbiz world on fire!!!
  7. Everyone was great, but Lauren must have been feeling that birthday mojo, because she couldn't be beat!!
  8. The Book Club Bullies segment MADE this show!!
  9. Best episode ever! (Although the last two full episodes that have gone up since this had some killer moments as well, this episode was hilarious throughout!!)
  10. byort

    Issues with New Cyber Thug Radio

    Since I'm typically a month behind in listening to any given podcast (outside of improv4humans), is there any chance that there will be a re-release of the new episode? I'm definitely interested and would have put up the money even though I also have the 2 original episodes still on my computer. Just throwing that out there for consideration. Thanks! Edit - Never mind...when I went to the page, the show was listed as "Sold Out", but I clicked on the "Add to Cart" button anyway, and I was able to purchase it. Sorry for the bother.