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  1. tubi

    Episode 565 - C’mon Bake Bake

    You never know who will pop up on one of these things. We got a little taste of Dabney Coleperson. But with all the talk about cum gutters, I was really hoping someone would bring up Gutterballs.
  2. Late to the party, I know, but I've been busy. This was next-level. However, I was waiting and waiting at the end of the Wet Dream scene, for Chris to say, "Wait, hold on a minute guys. I forgot to call my mother!" And...scene.
  3. tubi

    Episode 202 β€” Truly Great Friends!

    Ed Burns is the other brown haired white actor who's in things.
  4. tubi

    Episode 209 β€” The Bisco Boys

    Was it just me, or was anyone else bothered by the fact that Chex Mix is made by General Mills?
  5. Just to throw in my two cents, I like hearing different non-comedy acts. I personally can't stand the comedy songs, although I realize I'm in the minority on that, probably. I usually just ff through them. But a non-comedy performance is good to break up the flow and provide some variety. Space them out and involve them in the rest of the proceedings, and I'm fully on board. A non-comedy guest, musical or otherwise, doesn't have to be funny, just entertaining. As long as they're willing to join in I give them credit and enjoy listening. Remember, these are some of the quickest wits in the biz so no one expects them to keep up. Just be yourself and play along.
  6. tubi

    Bald Vaginas: Laime or Totally?

    100% laime. I hate feeling like I should be looking out for a vice cop while I'm getting busy. Plus non-bald gives you more to explore, makes it more of an expedition.