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  1. As much as I enjoy listening to EarWolf podcasts (specifically How Did This Get Made?) on my iPod while I'm at work, I am forever dreading the conclusion of each and every show. It's because I know that as soon as the podcast is over I'm going to be getting a loud, poorly executed, Eastern European accent, followed by the most excruciating, level-peaking squeal blasting through my earholes. Not only is the body-jolting tag a queue for me to frantically rip my earbuds out of my head as quickly as I can, but--when it comes right down to it--it's not even that funny. I'm seriously not tryin' to hate on EarWolf, here, because I genuinely believe they have some really solid content. Still, (as a listener) the whole point of these podcasts is to be entertaining and enjoyed, and, frankly, I personally find it somewhat difficult to fully get lost in the festivities knowing that within the hour I'm going to have to undeservingly defend myself from getting ear-fucked by the brutal slaughter of an imaginary wolf brought upon by a confusing, second-rate Russian stereotype. If I'm alone in this, I will humbly accept the irony that, in the spirit of How Did This Get Made, there was a small group of people, somewhere, who heard this 10 second sound-byte (or however long it is) and then all agreed that this was the best possible way for them to ultimately conclude their featured programming. I bask in the fact that--at the end of the day--I'm still able to listen and have a fun time. Indeed.
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    I'm perfectly OK with being 'wrong' here. If EarWolf was purposely using the outro knowing the audience hated it, well, that would just make them assholes (and I'm glad this is not the case). I'm sure that under normal listening settings (while still not very funny, in my opinion), the sound-byte is perfectly fine and manageable. However, I listen to the majority of these podcasts while I'm at work, where it is loud and there's a lot of stuff goin' on, so in order to hear the actual podcast I have to turn the volume way up on my iPod---thus, making the loud squeals at the end even louder and squealier. I don't bring up the topic as another lonely internet naysayer, or as a call to arms against the EarWolf machine, or even as a slight against Nick Krull or any of his other Bobby Bottleservice-type characters. It's just, genuinely, really hard on my eardrums. But, far be it from me to throw a wrench into everyone else's good time. This is surely not my style. Enjoy your wolf slaughtering, EarWolf Nation. Enjoy your wolf slaughtering.