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    Episode 23.5 — Minisode 23.5

    This time will be the best time if until right now you were both blind and deaf.
  2. Docta Jones

    The Dude From 'Titanic' Dies at the End

    Don't worry. You are now prepped for Titanic 2. Yes, it is a movie. Spoiler alert: the twist is that the movie kills you
  3. Docta Jones

    Drag Me to Hell

    This is a suspense/horror film and those usually default in to the bad category, but Justin Long was in it. I've laughed at something he said before or maybe when something hit his face in Dodgeball. It seems as though this was directed to cater to the viewer's imagination, but in a very juvenile since. They would do a scene and halfway through someone on the production would say "Wouldn't it be gross if ..." and then half the crew would subtly nod their head and politely clap and the other half would stand with mouth gaping to convey that their mind has been blown. Pretty bad