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  1. bucho4prez

    Striking Distance (1993)

    Best "stun-gun to the mouth" scene in history.
  2. bucho4prez

    Knight Riders (1981)

    Ah, I will track it down. Many thanks! The dissolve had a nice breakdown of it, but otherwise it seems to be a forgotten wonder.
  3. bucho4prez

    Knight Riders (1981)

    This needs a bump, the bluray transfer is gorgeous!
  4. bucho4prez

    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    synesthesia... thats a deep cut there Gilly.
  5. Just picked it up on blue ray, thats right, blue ray. I think there should be a special ep with just career murdering movies.
  6. bucho4prez

    Cool As Ice

    Yep Yep!
  7. bucho4prez

    Over The Top

    @Joshua EB If you step up to the table I will rip your shittin arm off!
  8. bucho4prez

    Over The Top

    Not sure how a film with a character named "John Grizzly" who drinks motor oil has escaped the suggestion box.