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  1. ICMexican

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    This conversation cannot be complete without mentioning the Good One Robot and the "Yeah??" lady.
  2. ICMexican

    Episode 19 — The Christmas Womptacular

    Is there something wrong with me if I find it incredibly arousing every time Listler says "turn around"?
  3. ICMexican

    Episode 85 — That's One Way of Doing It

    I had forgotten that AOL originally stood for "aaaaaaahhh ooooohhhh liberalismo!"
  4. ICMexican

    Episode 182 — Repeat Your Keyword

    Ms. Lapkus appears to find the phrase "zero dollars" amusing, and so do I!
  5. Are those of us in flyover country who want to catch Randy and Jason on Partners tonight out of luck? My TV listings grid says: 7:00 Big Bang Theory 7:30 2 Broke Girls 8:00 the debate 10:00 local news
  6. ICMexican

    Episode 113 — Jockstrap Boner

    Best line: "je ne sais koi"
  7. Hahaha for real tho
  8. ICMexican

    Episode 99 — Tick Tack Cho

    I about shit my pants when I saw who the guests were this week. Thank you for this!
  9. ICMexican

    What guest do you want to see?

    Anyone from Always Sunny (preferably 2 or more together) Anyone from MST3K/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic (preferably 2 or more together) James Urbaniak Dave (Gruber) Allen Jimmi Simpson
  10. ICMexican

    Episode 130 — Tall Napoleon

    Charles Barkley's sounding somewhat Bootsy-Collins-esque!