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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    https://youtu.be/JiCqA7HdwsM?t=1229 In search of the edge of the flat earth 1990 All parts YouTube 20:32-21:47 also 17:22 - 18:00
  2. Every other podcast is working on the earwolf app (droid) except comedy bang bang. Been like this for a week, Ive tried uninstalling and everything. I am aware you may not be in chare of the app.
  3. JeffShirleyJazz

    Episode 87.5 — Minisode 87.5

    I love Paul's idea of a new Ernest movie where Ernest goes to the Supreme Court! Paul said we need a new Ernest, I mean hello, I nominate you, Paul! You've shown us your strong ability to impersonate with Arscheerio, now we need Scheernest Goes To Washington!!! Also I feel like there were a couple of Michael Jackson references in the Q and A portion of this Minisode, "Why do you do me this way" and Beat or Eat it referencing the MJ song and the parody of Beat It by Weird Al. Strange coincidence?
  4. JeffShirleyJazz

    "The Curse" or "Curse"

    This is a movie that just came to RedBox. It's funny because RedBox lists it as Curse, but on the movie poster you can easily tell that it says The Curse. Wow, this was good the way The Room and Birdemic were good. I'm not saying AS GOOD, but wow, pretty darn close! Bad audio, confusing story lines, surprisingly good HD, and a voodoo/santaria practicing cop. Lots of bad fake blood and bad acting make each minute of this film enjoyable. Please check this one out! http://www.redbox.com/movies/curse
  5. JeffShirleyJazz

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    https://www.youtube....h?v=mE1WmkSdBno Best Dipping Sauce Ever (ketchup and ranch)
  6. JeffShirleyJazz

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Man says he was forced to eat beard, due to fight over lawn mower in Kentucky
  7. JeffShirleyJazz

    Episode 23 — Kill Your Cell

    Some great chemistry here!!! Great show, happy summah to Brent AND everyone at Who Charted AND Earwolf! Summah not over till Sept 21st?!?
  8. JeffShirleyJazz

    The Forum Forum

    Please delete my 2 new posts on Improv4Humans YouTube Suggestion page regarding embedding YouTube
  9. JeffShirleyJazz

    New Order

    This one was pretty hard to sit through, but bad enough to have a pretty good time watching it. It's supposed to be in the year 2033 in this dystopian society where most people are dead and gone. But we never see any crumbling, forgotten cities, or new technology, only countryside and interior shots, with plastic on the walls. You can tell they didn't have much of a budget and/or were really lazy because they cut corners wherever they could and didn't show anything they didn't think they absolutely had to. There is a dude that's controlling them or something via a chip in their brains, he is at some other location, he is the evil scientist, kinda. I think they spent most of the budget on the scientist's beakers and such. At one point a guy is dying with a stake in his heart, and they literally JUST show a bloody stake, and a little bit of his chest, it's a side shot. It also includes the "video markings on screen" thing to make it look like a reality show sometimes. And then you have to sit through these horrible "candid" monologues from some of the most unimportant, completely forgettable characters! There was a couple moments where I was questioning the screenwriter. One person says "if we hoof it" implying to hurry when I always thought to hoof it meant simply to walk by foot. Also at the end instead of "Dedicated to my family" it says "Dedicate to my family"! To sit through this get ready to stay in basically a few different interior rooms, see some pretty outdoor scenery, hear some great cinematic glitch music, and be bored and confused as to how this actually did get made. Really rough stuff. http://www.imdb.com/...ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  10. JeffShirleyJazz

    Episode 15 — Gelmania XV

    Just got done listening to the first minute - it was AWESOME! I love what they did with the guitar. And with the vocals over the top, put it all together, REALLY great intro.
  11. JeffShirleyJazz

    Episode 43 — Topless UFO Cult

    Another great episode! Everyone was outstanding. Zach Woods really shined. You can tell he is really smart so he fits right in. The Grateful Dead YouTube was surprising and hilarious. I've never heard that theory before! Wow. Eric's bits were great, too. I loved how that topless lady would describe their theories in grand detail, and then that silly laugh at the end, just priceless stuff!
  12. JeffShirleyJazz

    Episode 37 — Calm Down!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkCkZFHWKyY Came across this a few days ago. Funny because he's only been a youtube member for 3 weeks but has posted almost 400 1 minute videos of either this or his police brutality videos, or karate or magic. The fact that he is claiming to have invented a new style is absurd to me! All he's doing is making weird popping noises that he thinks are drums sounds and chanting incoherently!