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  1. jennyk13

    Episode 209 ā€” China Adjacent Apartments

    Awww, I really wanted Howard to love Interstellar. I'm no science buff and thought it was easy to follow. But I also hate movies you just zone out to- I'm used to giving my attention 100% to every second of a film. And the science does check out, they developed the script with physicist Kip Thorne over a span of 8 years... I can see how the last 40 minutes would be up for grabs though... it really bothered me when he said the science of the film was basically bunk. /endrant Besides that, amazing episode as always!
  2. OH MY GOSH. This, a new Superego, Who Charted and You Made it Weird all in one day? Life is good. But really, I can't believe it came back. I love Bob Ducca!
  3. jennyk13

    Episode 199 ā€” Freedom and Abandon

    I think Kulap and Howard did the best with what they could. Jensen was great as always, but Nova made me sad. I'm only a little more than a year older than her, and her immaturity, irresponsibility and attitude in general were extremely worrying. Her blatant lack of knowledge at points was stunning. It would do her good to just take a few years off, go to college, and come back to music when she actually knows how to handle herself and her money. Jensen's not her dad, but I wanted him to reel her in a bit and help her out. This probably sounds really bad, but I feel that she needs someone to manage her and help her make good choices.
  4. And let's not forget how incredible the music has been throughout the series. I can't wait for season 2- if we are so lucky to get it!
  5. jennyk13

    Episode 173 ā€” Doughnut Agree

    Yeah, not a fan of Mike Lawrence- at least in this episode. Barkhad actually has a fascinating face and could be a great character actor- we need more unique non-white people in cinema. It just makes film richer. I hope he has a bright future ahead of him! I also didn't appreciate the off hand joke about shooting Christians... yes, of course "God's Not Dead" is going to be bad, those propaganda films always are- as a Chrisitian (pro-gay, pro-pot, liberal) and as a fan of cinema there is no way I'm going to see it. I just think it was unusually mean, and not in the spirit of Who Charted.