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  1. bladewasp

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    You're probably right. Phooey. I wanted them to be Bits. Sorry about your goldfish. I agree! Could the movie have been better? Sure, but it was very entertaining. I remember leaving the theater and thinking "wow, the real world is boring."
  2. bladewasp

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Hey everyone! Thanks for making such an entertaining podcast! Sark - I thought Bit was in Tron:Legacy. Sort-of. I always assumed Kevin Flynn puts two of them on his fireplace mantel in the hideout/apartment on the Grid? Maybe I'm just reaching...
  3. bladewasp

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    Wow, great show everybody! Ben Schwartz was tons of fun. Keep up the good work!