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  1. Airtight retort to the numerous continuity gaps in "Tangled".
  2. Great to have this back for the new year. This has gradually become my favorite podcast. I know because I play it before even CBB each Monday. Thanks again, Earwolf for putting out such great content.
  3. This episode officially crosses over into my "must listen to every episode" list. I'm not familiar with anything the guests have done nor would I seek them out on my own. Most podcasts quickly fall into "only watch when I know the guest". I simply trust Jeff to bring on the best guests and have a unique conversation. Thanks Earwolf for publishing this and thanks to Jeff for making it.
  4. Yes, this is an excellent addition to the Earwolf lineup. Wonderful first episode.
  5. slatron

    Episode 51 β€” What’s Up With Earwolf?

    Great to hear Jeff again. Thanks for putting these out. Here's hoping for a surprise return of "Love, Dad" again sometime this year. Even for one Ep.
  6. This podcast has gotten more essential each week. Thanks Earwolf & Jake for yet another great production.
  7. slatron

    Episode 7 β€” Killer Tracks

    So when did Besser begin doing Bragg/Braggart? I feel like I'm one of maybe five people who gets endless amusement at this impression. Raffle cast is still the most absurdly hilarious podcast out there. Thanks for making this weekly, Jon.
  8. And I didn't think I was getting anything for my birthday this year. Thanks Jessica & Lennon for taking the time to put this out.
  9. Totally agree with everyone here. Best I4H episode ever. From someone who has heard every ep and bonus ep. Lennon and Jessica need to get their own podcast. Whomp it up? At long as it doesn't stop them from their next TV deal. BFF was amazing and will be dug up for cult status after their next one hits.
  10. slatron

    Episode β€” Love, Dad

    I've been waiting for Koechner to fin the right podcast fit for a while. This is so perfect. My Earwolf origin is similar to Luke's. It eased me into being a first-time dad. I've been listening to every episode of CBB, then CDR, since my daughter was born. She's almost 2yrs now and this will be wonderful to have. Thanks for everything, Earwolf. Here's to another great show.
  11. Great to have this bonus material. Thanks for releasing it, especially as this is becomming my favorite podcast. "What's in the Bucket" is now indelibly stamped on my brain forever.
  12. slatron

    Episode 9 β€” Jon Daly's Rafflecast 2

    Great to see this cast is back. Thank you Jon Daly!
  13. slatron

    Episode 67.5 β€” 3/16/12 TWO CHARTED

    Give the Dustin his own Chart! Just get him a chart theme to match the awesomeness of Howard's. (Yes, Kulap's theme is better - but it's also clearly the best song ever written. I'm only holding Howard and Dustin to so much here.) 3 Charted 4 eva!
  14. slatron

    Episode 6 β€” Jon Daly\'s Rafflecast

    Yeah, that was too good an episode to not become a regular series.
  15. slatron

    Episode 63 β€” P. F. Toddler

    Seeing PFT on my Who Charted? fownload just saved my entire week. Thank you Earwolf and thank you wie-wie and ku-ku for all the joy you bring to my life.