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    Character Drawings

    Everyone's favorite spirit bear...
  2. ColinDenney

    Episode 7 — Follow the Whispers

  3. ColinDenney

    Episode 191 — 2012 Holiday Spectacular

    My favorite CBB episode ever!
  4. ColinDenney

    Episode 181 — Happy Endings

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion done up as an animated GIF!
  5. ColinDenney

    Episode 174 — Series Regulars

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion:
  6. ColinDenney

    Episode 184 — Pop and Politics

    And here's this episodes catchphrase suggestion in GIF form!
  7. ColinDenney

    Episode 177 — Penises Abounding

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion:
  8. ColinDenney

    Episode 175 — Mop Water

    This week's catchphrase submission:
  9. ColinDenney

    Episode 173 — Ride Like Hell

    This week's catchphrase suggestion:
  10. ColinDenney

    Episode 171 — Scrog Secretions

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion:
  11. ColinDenney

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion:
  12. ColinDenney

    Episode 172 — This is a Safe Zone

    This week's catchphrase suggestion:
  13. ColinDenney

    Episode 180 — Friends Without Words

    This week's catchphrase suggestion:
  14. ColinDenney

    Episode 178 — Motor Boating Around Town

    This week's catchphrase suggestion:
  15. ColinDenney

    Episode 183 — Return to Suicide House

    This episode's foreboding catchphrase suggestion:
  16. ColinDenney

    Episode 167 — New No-Nos

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion:
  17. ColinDenney

    Episode 182 — Repeat Your Keyword

    Best catchphrase suggestion ever!
  18. ColinDenney

    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    Poehler is my favorites CBB guest. I'm certain of it.
  19. ColinDenney

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion:
  20. ColinDenney

    Episode 169 — Immortal Mustache

    This episode's catchphrase suggestion:
  21. ColinDenney

    Winely Wasted

    Winetraub likes his jazz smooth, his wines reviewed, and his urban bicyclists dead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdaN_9EgtB0&list=UUTkSqw2qLhgor9rNhqP-sSw&index=1&feature=plcp
  22. ColinDenney

    Winely Wasted

    Hey, Earwolf Forum. It's me. Colin Denney. I post here sometimes. Anyway, fine connoisseurs of comedy, gather round. I thought I should direct some of you to a project my friends and I started. It's called Winely Wasted, and it's a weekly wine review series on youtube. We're 5 episodes in, and we'd really appreciate some more views, subscriptions, and criticism. (Our audio is much better in episodes 4 and 5, so feel free to start there.) Thanks, all!
  23. ColinDenney

    Winely Wasted

    Winely Wasted 27 - Chilean Carmenere 2009 Having hit rock bottom, Winetraub recommits himself to his devoted viewers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VukGFDDIo4&feature=g-u-u