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  1. or How are your DICKS hangin'!?
  2. It's gay, like in a happy kind of way. Not like in the dick blowing, ass fucking kind of way.
  3. Please inscribe the following, as to, in detail, specified above, on my headstone.
  4. If it aint top 5, I don't want to see it, hear it, or know it! Howards numbah 1, I'm not payin' $500 to watch douchebags eat turkey. Nah it's prolly Dubstep.
  5. TomKatHolmes

    Whats your twitter handle?

    Have a Summah!!
  6. Ass, cash, or grass! No one rides for free. Thumbs Up, America!
  7. TomKatHolmes

    Whats your twitter handle?

    Am unable to find any such @howardkremah on twitter. Uggg, frustrated!!