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  1. brendanjlane

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    I think they were not naming Lennon's assassin, because that is what he wanted. Beatle fans never name him, to deny him what he wanted.
  2. I loved the dynamic between Marissa and Listler when the audio promposal was being played, that was fantastic.
  3. brendanjlane

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    I am going to miss Kid Kudi. Is this going to be like Defense Against the Dark Arts (RIP Alan Rickman), a new band leader every season?
  4. brendanjlane

    The Wahlberg Solution 8

    Love DVK as Whalberg but I wish he would back off on the cussing. I don't think Mark Whalberg cusses that much, and makes it hard to listen to publically.
  5. brendanjlane

    What guest do you want to see?

    Kid Cudi, he is great on the TV show.
  6. brendanjlane

    We will miss you Harris

    "I want to open a Jamaican, Irish, Spanish, small plate, breakfast restaurant and call it 'Tapas da Mornin' to 'Ja.' " One vote for a best of (worst of?) Harris episode.
  7. brendanjlane

    The Wahlberg Solution 2

    I love this show, cannot get enough of Mark. I think it would be better serverd to have fewer guests. I fetl like they were all so funny I wanted more time with each.
  8. brendanjlane

    Episode 139 — Literary Death Match

    Todd reminded me of a 16 year old girl that declares herself ugly just to hear her friends declare she is pretty. "I'm old" (no you are not), "I'm not a good guest" (yes you are), "I'm not smart" (yes you are), "I'm not funny" (yes you are), "I'm so busy" (because you are successful!). I hope Kyle was just being polite when he said he would have Todd back.
  9. brendanjlane

    Episode 62 — Fame

    "To live well you must live unseen." - Galileo
  10. brendanjlane

    Episode 29 — Atheism

    I am not sure how Marty was connected, but it seemed like a lot of stepping on one another when he spoke.