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    I think what he was saying was more along the lines of..."this is a comedy podcast." The cast of this podcast barely says the word midget, they all use "dwarf" or "little people" for the vast majority of the episode. Besides, half of the banter on this show is inappropriate because that's how friends talk about bad movies. Laugh at it in context or don't. Either way please take the super sensitive, passive aggressive bullshit somewhere else.


    P.S. I don't think Jason said literally one time in this episode. Literally not one time.


    To be clear, he didn't say anything. He pasted a .gif attached to two quotes to add to the discussion.


    I believe that Paul, June and Dave really do have empathy for all kinds of people and I don't think they meant it maliciously. The movie itself was offensive to the little people community, but it just seems like the gang would try a little harder to show respect despite the ridiculousness served up in the film. It takes half a molecule of brain space to replace a word in your vocabulary. So why not just do it? If you're stubborn enough to think that that is censorship, I hope you get all the satisfaction you want from not progressing.

  2. It was pretty disgusting to hear the term "midget" used so flippantly during this podcast. Jason seemed like the only one who consciously chose to say "drawf" or "little person." These people really hear enough insensitivity thrown at them throughout their lives from little children, hacky radio DJs and general assholes - it's dissappointing to hear the same from smart and socially aware comedians. I hope you sell a lot of t-shirts though.