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  1. I dont know if the Zuke was joking around when he asked what goes on the glass, when one puts em on the glass, but I would hate to live in world where a big ole horndog with a corndog like JM doesn't know that its titties. When a fellow finds himself in the room where you can only talk to visitors from the other side of glass with a telephone handset, and if the guards aren't paying attention, you get your lady visitors to pull up her blouse and put em on the glass for ya'.

    Hope that helps,

    Jason Trent

    Bronx, NY


  2. Holy moly...I just read that Travolta essentially does this role in blackface...or something. Not 'full retard' but virtual blackface...I have to admit the above mentioned 'Tiptoes' looks like a hot mess of "WTF?!" but maybe, eventually, you can get around to "...Paris...". So many bad movies.