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  1. I am plugs, I am French, and I have returned. Feast your ears on my latest concoction!
  2. https://soundcloud.c...you-stupid-baby Pleese enjüy this very fine plugs theme!
  3. It is me, Joren Willey, again. There is no choice but to submit. Feast your ear-holes on "Plug and Plague": https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172889/plug%20and%20plague.mp3
  4. Another monster jam to RagnaROCK yoür ass off and feast beside Sweet Odin's nüthatch. http://goo.gl/8AW12
  5. I've had one of my songs played. Titled "Butt Plug Rock" by me, Joren Willey.
  6. dubfur

    Butt Plug Rock

    In case the link above doesn't work, this one should: http://goo.gl/1s3U0
  7. From the icy tomb of Thor's severed teat, we offer up this cock sermon to defile your ears.