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  1. Andrew Ti and special guest Sean O’Connor finish the week off by talking about whether it’s racist that a caller’s wife who is white & a quarter Asian talks shit about Asian people. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.
  2. JulyDiaz

    Eli Roth #169

    Contemporary horror film director, producer, and writer, Eli Roth, (Cabin Fever, Hostel) sits down with Kevin to discuss how his love of the genre propelled him to success. Roth talks about turning a passion project into a Toronto Film Festival sensation, making tourists nightmares come true at the Goretorium, and reminisces with Samm about collecting Nazi scalps for Quentin Tarantino.
  3. JulyDiaz

    Episode 174 — Sac-Up!

    Stand up comedian, author, and co-host of Walking the Room is in tha house! Greg Behrendt comes on and talks car salesmen, why the “why’s?” go deep in parenthood, how the vagina is worth exploring for women, and oh yeah, aspiring to stuff n shit. Enjoy!
  4. Today Andrew Ti & Sean O’Connor give advice to a college student who is uncomfortable reading the n-word out loud in class. Bleep yourself and keep leaving us messages by calling (323) 389-RACE.
  5. One of the stars of NBC's cult favorite Community, Gillian Jacobs, sits down with Kevin to discuss her hunger for acting as a child flourishing into a thriving career. Learn of Jacob’s passion for Shakespeare, her long standing devotion to NPR, and what it’s like to be the go-to when Steve Carell is required to make out with a young lady on screen.
  6. JulyDiaz

    Paul Feig #168

    Paul Feig, (Bridesmaids, Freaks and Geeks) dressed in his best Willy Wonka cosplay outfit, wraps with Kevin on his career in writing, directing, and producing film and television. Feig chats about turning his awkward high school years into a cult tv hit, the delight of working with brilliantly funny females, and just how much is too much when editing a food poisoning scene.
  7. JulyDiaz

    Ep 23: Building The Track Pt. 7

    One of Jon’s favorite fellas Steve Agee is here to channel the power of the funk to become the band Deadly Stabbe! Listen as they use some nice grooves, do some funky soulful yodeling, and create the P-Funk tune “Donkey Strut!” (Special thanks to Cyrus Ghahremani on guitar and production)
  8. Dressed in festive St. Patrick’s Day attire, director/producer/cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld (Men In Black, Get Shorty) sits down with Kevin to discuss a career behind the camera. Sonnenfeld chats about creating the summer blockbuster, assisting Tommy Lee Jones in the role of the straight man, and receiving an unsolicited apology from Gene Hackman on his performance.
  9. The very funny Brent Sullivan joins Andrew Ti to talk about a caller’s mom wanting him to basically only date white women. Get it together moms, don’t let your kids live your lives! Remember to call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask us about anything you might think is racist.
  10. Spice up your life with a film that Paul watched on his birthday when it came out in . Paul apologizes to Romania as he reads some of the many Corrections & Omissions for In The Name of The King, makes himself more meme-able, and explains why he doesn’t pick on The Rock while answering some of YOUR questions. Check out Burning Love Season 2, grab yourself a copy of Paul’s comic book Aliens Vs. Parker, and keep submitting new logos for the show!
  11. Special guest Jack Kukoda (Community, The Onion) blows Andrew’s mind by introducing him to various cartoons and agrees that Bobby’s World is pretty racist. Boycott Howie Mandel and make sure to leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.
  12. JulyDiaz

    No episode thread? Birthday surprise?

    Here's the new thread y'all! http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/10847-episode-22-damn-girl/
  13. or here http://www.earwolf.com/show/kevin-pollaks-chat-show/
  14. Building The Track is back with a vengeance! Axmaster Brian Huskey and Jon Daly predicted and then made the next big indie rock hit called “Some People’s Other Friends.” Look for it at the next Coachella & Bonnaroo. M83 watch yr back! (Cyrus Ghahremani on engineering & keys and Brett Morris on bass)
  15. The delightful and hilarious Jenny Slate visits the calming shores to talk about the psychic who predicted her career, her obsession with Gloria Estefan, and the time she dropped an F bomb on SNL. They also cover their favorite writers, Vince Young’s spending habits, and how Larry Bird’s son finally mucked up his father’s good name. Tom Leykis then comes by to offset the lady energy. Listen and laugh and be sure to get your tickets for a special screening of “Breaking Away” with Randy & Jason as part of the 2nd Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival on February 28th at Cinefamily in Los Angeles
  16. JulyDiaz

    Episode 82 — Hillbillies

    It should be working now.
  17. JulyDiaz

    Episode 6 — Beef

    I thought of this video too when Nocando was telling his story. This is a really great clip, especially when Capitol Hill realizes he will never be able to recover from this at 1:15.
  18. JulyDiaz

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    Go here to vote: http://blog.earwolf.com/post/36579477815
  19. JulyDiaz

    Episode 98 — A Wordy Ménage

    Jensen had a podcast with Jeff & Eric Rosenthal called Hype Men exclusively about Hip-Hop. They discussed white rappers with former rapper Fat Jew and talked about Paul Barman for a bit. Here's a link: http://hypemen.tumblr.com/post/4578802682/fatjew