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  1. Are you two vandals vandalizing my sandals before me? Featuring Josh Freese, Brooks Wackerman, and Adrian Young
  2. Rev. Mike

    Episode 452 - Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    This ep will be high on the list for BOTY.
  3. Rev. Mike

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    Where is my Thrillomedy Kapow! Kapow! t-shirt? When am I getting my fucking t-shirt?
  4. I want to echo all the positive, and only the positive, sentiments in this thread.
  5. The Easy Bake Oven has learned to cook and I think I'm in love.
  6. Loved it. Cristela GETS IT...she's got funny in her bones.
  7. Thanks for that catchphrase submission, Rev. Mike.
  8. The David Rees secret band story is amazing. As a child he was like a mixture of Captain Beefheart and Robert Pollard. I want to hear those songs.
  9. I grew up a short distance from Freeport.
  10. Rev. Mike

    HOWL Sweepstakes!!

    Is everyone getting the important notice emails regardless of whether or not they are premium?
  11. Rev. Mike

    HOWL Sweepstakes!!

    I want to win.
  12. Rev. Mike

    Episode 1708 - Jon Hamm

    Jon Hamm is always a delight.
  13. Rev. Mike


    Is this an episode of Yo, Is This Podcast Racist?
  14. Rev. Mike

    EPISODE 373 — Vocal Fry

    Seems like Scott and Willie really have some beef developing in this episode. Unless they can resolve this I don't know if we are going to see Willie return. I hope that Scott doesn't ban him from appearing on other Earwolf affiliated podcasts.
  15. Let us also keep in mind that Jimmy explained he had only just found out about losing an old, dear friend and was torn up about it.
  16. Goddamn right, NNF is always above average.
  17. I dropped LSD and now my sperms are no longer certified non GMO, so shop smart ladies and gentlemen.
  18. "Did she fuck Bob Dylan?" "Yea, I beleive so." "Yea...good for her."
  19. Rev. Mike


    Are y'all not catching on to the idea that the current 6 months will be available for download and the entire backlog has remained available all week? There is truly nothing to stop anyone from having a complete archive and maintaining it. It took me all of 2 hours to dl all the old good eps a few night ago. You will still be able to download and listen to all the new great eps on whatever device you want. Some of the protests and complaints at this point seem to be an echo chamber. Things are new and here to stay for now, the price is cheap, and longtime listeners will still be able to consume episodes as they have been able to all along. What is the problem other than being unable to accept change and the idea of paying for access to exclusive content? It is all pretty reasonable. Let the company worry about the threat of piracy of whatever. You are already and fan and nothing has changed for you.
  20. Rev. Mike


    I really have to applaud Scott for the humor and aplomb with which he has answered many of the questions and gripes.