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    Episode 5 — Analyze Phish Episode 3

    So I hear a lot of talk about needing 'context', and I had an idea.. One of the things that got me into Phish back in the day was listening to a 'Gamehendge' show. If you don't know what Gamehendge is in detail, then you have no business trying to get your buddy into Phish. Send your buddy the link to this show (can listen on youtube), make him smoke some pot and enjoy it. I think Tela is a natural choice. Also, don't talk so much during the music! A lot of what makes Phish so great is based on subtlety and nuance, not to mention their ability to listen to each other and improvise as a unit as opposed to following Trey. There are so many aspects involved which take a great deal of listening time to fully absorb. Another thing that bugged me is the approach towards Chris Kuroda's lights. Early in their career the original light operator was sick, and Kuroda had to fill in, unbeknownst to the band. Having spent a great deal of time listening to the band rehearse, Kuroda knew the songs intimately and was able to sync the lights to the music extremely well - in fact, he is so close to 'the boys' that he could even 'improvise' using the lights. This situation has evolved to the nth degree, and Kuroda is widely (and rightly) considered to be a 'fifth' member of the band. It's easy to see why drugs and Phish get along so well. Not only is the audience member blasted with mind-bending rock and roll, but it is accompanied, in perfect synchrony, with one of the best light shows around. That is all. Good luck - anyone who doesn't at least appreciate Phish is an impatient, narrow-minded fool, in my professional opinion.