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  1. Hey Scott Octomom, you were in my dream last night. You are a terrible house guest! You broke a glass on the kitchen floor and I cut my foot. Jerk. Enjoy the show.
  2. Hello there. My name is Damien Marquise. I am not only a fan of the work you guys do here, but generally a fan of the essence of what you do. I have always lived my life like it is a constant unrecorded podcast and am a believer that humor goes hand in hand with portable oxygen tanks. Anywho… To make a long story less long, I will be going to Romania for 4 months starting in the middle of January. I met a Romanian girl here in the U.S. a few years back and we got married. We have been making trips every year to go visit her family. This time I would like to go there with more of a purpose... I would like to become an Unofficial EARWOLF International Correspondent with the initial focus on Romania. Basically promoting Earwolf and introducing some of the Earwolf ideals to new cultures. Comedy Bang Bang Catchphrase suggestions from the streets of Romania, photos of EARWOLF promotional material in strange foreign lands, in depth articles about the alternative comedy world of Romania for a blog submission, etc. Think of it this way… Romania could be to EARWOLF what Germany is to David Hasselhoff. I think that pretty much sums it up. I am not asking for an official job or any kind of salary, all I am asking for is your support in this endeavor. Without your support I will merely be an Unofficial Unofficial EARWOLF International Correspondent. Let's take this thing global! Red, White and Hasselhoff! Some examples of my writing skills can be found at www.damienmarquise.com I can be contacted by email at damienmm@mac.com Newly formed twitter account: @damienmm Thanks for your time.
  3. Catchphrase submission: "That mouthwash was so bad, I spit it out after 30 seconds." -Damien Marquise twitter: @damienmm location: Larry King's suspender closet