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    Episode 62 — White People Dancing

    ha, it's not insulting to white people to say that all white people suck at dancing! i'm always entertained by this podcast, but as a whitey with some sultry sweet dance moves, you're off on this. i get that white people have it awesome - i'm a millionbillionaire and have SEVERAL keys to the city, but that doesn't make it not racist to be racist.
  2. justasweetguy

    dr. rosen got an hj from god

    Hey, I just wanted to write to you guys to 1) say I love your podcast, and 2) share my sleepytime ejac with y'all: it wasn't until i was 24 and traveled with a platonic female friend to peru and didn't self-indulge for about 3 weeks that i came to fruition while dreaming. i think that the unconcious orgasm only happens to dudes who didn't know about whackin' it, so "god" had to shem 'em how it's done.
  3. The topic title is really the body of the message. I don't even need to write this.
  4. justasweetguy

    Que honda, chorizo?!

    it's in Mexican (description of above catchphrase and fair to middling catchphrase in its own right)